Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween & More

Happy Halloween
Be careful today and tonight.

One little ghost story. My Mother told this many years ago. I think it was true. A young girl was dared to go into the cemetery in the dark of night on Halloween and when she arrived at a certain grave to jab a sharp knife into the soil of the grave. The girl did this... but did not return home that night. When they went to the cemetery they found her. She was dead at that grave. They found the knife was securely placed into the sod on that grave. She had done the dare. But between the knife and the sod was her skirt! When she had bent down to jab the knife, she had accidentally jabbed the knife through her skirt. When she arose to leave after jabbing the knife into the grave, she felt something pulling her back toward the grave. Oh! She thought someone had grabbed her, and then she died of fright!
.... don't taken any dares tonight! Hahahahaha.....

PowerPoint Slide Shows
I have received several interesting and entertaining slide shows in the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer format. To make it easy to share these with others I have placed them on a new web page named My Favorite Slide Shows. And if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, I have provided a link on this page where you can download the FREE PowerPoint Viewer direct from Microsoft.

On these slide shows you will find some beautiful photography of earth, nature and animals. I think you would enjoy the slide shows. These 2 pictures in my blog today were taken from two of the slide shows. Relax... and enjoy!

I will update this page with new "stuff" when I find something interesting.

Is Your Bread Done?
Yesterday we ended up with about 19 saying about "strange people". Then Lisa sent me a link to a web site that has many, many more. If you are interested or if you are not playing with a full deck, you can check them out here: Fulldeck-isms:Witty Put Downs.

Quote of the Day
If you enjoy your job, you never have to go to work.
~ Author Unknown

Joke of the Day
A traveller wandering on an island inhabited entirely by cannibals comes upon a butcher shop. This shop specialised in human brains differentiated according to source. The sign in the shop read:
  • Artists' Brains $9/oz
  • Philosophers' Brains $12/oz
  • Scientists' Brains $15/oz
  • Republicans' Brains $19/oz
  • Democrats' Brains $2,000/oz
Upon reading the sign, the traveller noted, "My, why do those Democrats' brains cost so much? Are they popular?" To which the cannibal butcher replied, "Are you kidding! Do you have any idea how many Democrats you have to kill to get a ounce of brains?!"

(Note: If you are a democrat you can reverse cost of the
Republican and Democrat brains when telling this joke.
Actually, I think the cost for any politician's brains is $2,000 per oz.)

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