Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hand Feeding Hummingbirds

A Beautiful Video
I hope you take the time to watch the following video made in Alaska showing the beautiful hummingbirds. I think you will learn something too.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
A local funeral home had a slogan,
“We’ll be the last to let you down.”

But here’s hoping you won’t let anybody down today.
Instead help someone up.

Quote of the Day
Youth is like spring, an over praised season more remarkable for biting winds than genial breezes.  Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.
~Samuel Butler

Joke of the Day

A man is driving on the highway when his wife calls him on his cell phone. "Honey, be carful. I heard on the news that there is a car on the road driving the wrong way."

To this the man replies, "One? Theres millions of 'em!"

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Right or Left

Where do you Lean?
Are you right or left when it comes to politics? Long ago I asked a friend about what was the difference? His answer was: “Well, right is right, and left is just wrong.” As you would know he was a very strong conservative.

Thanks to a recent email, I learned that the Bible addresses this issue. So if you have often wondered why the conservatives are called the right and the liberals are called the left…. Here’s the answer:

The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
But the heart of the fool to the left
Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

But whether you’re right or left, I hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
If you live your life right, and there’s gossip about you, then no one will believe it.

Quote of the Day
Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.
~Spanish Proverb

Joke of the Day

A police officer in a small town stopped a motorist who was speeding down Main Street. "But officer," the man began, "I can explain."

"Just be quiet," snapped the officer. "I'm going to let you cool your heels in jail until the chief gets back."

"But, officer, I just wanted to say,..."

"And I said to keep quiet! You're going to jail!"

A few hours later the officer looked in on his prisoner and said, "Lucky for you that the chief's at his daughter's wedding. He'll be in a good mood when he gets back."

"Don't count on it," answered the fellow in the cell. "I'm the groom."

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Convention

Our Church Convention in Knoxville
Last Week we enjoyed a wonderful church convention. It rained from heaven and blessed us with help for the battle, and food for the soul.

I’m still enjoying my convention notes, and may have some to share with you in the next few days.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The “big head”… it’s pretty dangerous. I’ve heard the bigger the head, the easier it is to fill the man’s shoes.

Quote of the Day
Hire character.  Train skill. 
~Peter Schutz

Joke of the Day

When her daughter, Kelli, said her bedtime prayers, she would bless every family member, every friend, and every animal (current and past). For several weeks, after she had finished the nightly prayer, Kelli would say, “And all girls.”

As this soon became part of her nightly routine, to include this at the end, my curiosity got the best of her Mom and she asked her, “Kelli, Why do you always add the part about all girls?”

Her response, “Because we always finish our prayers by saying ‘All Men’!”

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fishing Update

Looking Forward to Some Fall Crappie
It seems like we haven’t been fishing much lately. A lot of things going on I guess. Out last trip was on September 9, and that was almost 3 weeks ago. A little sickness and travel interferes with fishing. I hoping we can head down to Douglas Lake to try the crappie soon. Or maybe a trip over to Cherokee Lake… or even back to South Holston Lake… It doesn’t matter as long as you get on the water.

I did update my fishing album for this year. Here it is if you want to take a gander.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
What Mother Nature gives us,
old Father Time takes it away.

Quote of the Day
If it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought.
~Dennis Roth

Joke of the Day

The preacher’s 5 year-old daughter noticed that her father always paused and bowed his head, for a moment, before starting his sermon. One day, she asked him why.

“Well, Honey,” he began, proud that his daughter was so observant of his messages, “I’m asking the Lord to help me preach a good sermon.”

“How come He doesn’t do it?” she asked.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Devil and His Devices

There’s a lot of truth in the following fiction.

A Meeting of the Demons
redev2010x Satan called a worldwide convention of demons..In his opening address he said, "We can't keep Christians from going to church."

"We can't keep them from reading their Bibles and knowing the truth...." "We can't even keep them from forming an intimate relationship with Their SAVIOR." "Once they gain that connection with JESUS, our power over them is Broken.""So let them go to their churches; let them have their covered dish dinners, BUT steal their time, so they don't have time to develop a relationship With JESUS CHRIST.."

"This is what I want you to do," said the devil:
"Distract them from gaining hold of their SAVIOR and maintaining that Vital connection throughout their day!"

"How shall we do this?" his demons shouted.

"Keep them busy in the non-essentials of life and invent innumerable Schemes to occupy their minds," he answered.....

  • "Tempt them to spend, spend, spend, and borrow, borrow, borrow."
  • "Persuade the wives to go to work for long hours and the husbands to work 6-7 days each week, 10-12 hours a day, so they can afford their empty Lifestyles."
  • "Keep them from spending time with their children.""As their families fragment, soon, their homes will offer no escape from The pressures of work!"
  • "Over-stimulate their minds so that they cannot hear that still, small voice."
  • "Entice them to play the radio or I-Pod whenever they drive."
  • To Keep the TV, DVDs, CDs and their PCs going constantly in their home and see To it that every store and restaurant in the world plays non-biblical music Constantly."
  • "This will jam their minds and break that union with CHRIST."
  • "Fill the coffee tables with magazines and newspapers."
  • "Pound their minds with the news 24 hours a day."
  • "Invade their driving moments with billboards."
  • "Flood their mailboxes with junk mail, mail order catalogs, sweepstakes, and Every kind of newsletter and promotional offering free products, services And false hopes."
  • "Keep skinny, beautiful models on the magazines and TV so their husbands Will believe that outward beauty is what's important, and they'll Become dissatisfied with their wives. "
  • "Keep the wives too tired to love their husbands at night." "Give them headaches too! "
  • "If they don't give their husbands the love they need, they will begin to Look elsewhere.""That will fragment their families quickly!"
  • "Give them Santa Claus to distract them from teaching their children the Real meaning of Christmas."
  • "Give them an Easter bunny so they won't talk about HIS resurrection And power over sin and death..."
  • "Even in their recreation, let them be excessive."
    "Have them return from their recreation exhausted."
  • "Keep them too busy to go out in nature and reflect on GOD'S creation. Send them to amusement parks, sporting events, plays, concerts, and movies Instead."   "Keep them busy, busy, busy!"
  • "And when they meet for spiritual fellowship, involve them in gossip and Small talk so that they leave with troubled consciences."
  • "Crowd their lives with so many good causes they have no time to seek Power from JESUS."

    "Soon they will be working in their own strength, sacrificing their health And family for the good of the cause."

    "It will work!" "It will work!"

    It was quite a plan!

    The demons went eagerly to their assignments causing Christians everywhere to get busier & more rushed, going here & there. Having little time for their GOD or their families. Having no time to tell others about the power of JESUS to change lives. I guess the question is, has the devil been successful in his schemes?

    You be the judge!!!!!
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
If you never make mistakes, you haven’t done very much. If you see someone make a mistake, at least you know he was doing something.

Quote of the Day
Camping: nature's way of promoting the motel industry. 
~Dave Barry

Joke of the Day

A psychiatrist was testing the mentality of a patient. “Do you ever hear voices without being able to tell who is speaking or where the voices are coming from?” asked the psychiatrist.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” said the patient.

“And when does this happen?” asked the psychiatrist.

“Oh,” said the patient, “when I answer the telephone.”

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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Own Knee Action

On Jim,  Not the Schwinn
Yesterday I reflected and reminisced about my Schwinn Bicycle with Knee-Action that I owned when I was in my youth.

Today I want to mention another type of knee action. In this case about these old joints of mine that they say are worn out. X-rays show bone on bone in both of my knees, and it is getting more difficult for me to navigate these days. As a result I have made the decision to have knee replacement surgery.

The first operation is schedule for the week after Thanksgiving this year. It will be on my left knee. The second knee will be scheduled after full recover from the first surgery.

As an added precaution for my situation, they plan to insert a blood clot filter in my body a week or so before the knee surgery.

If you are interested in learning about what happens in a total knee replacement, you can watch the following video.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
A Good question to ask ourselves:
Are your habits, your friends or your enemies?

Quote of the Day
All man's troubles come from not knowing
how to sit still in one room. 
~Blaise Pascal

Joke of the Day

A kind-hearted fellow was walking through Central Park in New York and was astonished to see an old man, fishing rod in hand, fishing over a beautiful bed of red roses.

"Tsk Tsk!" said the passerby to himself. "What a sad sight. That poor old man is fishing over a bed of flowers. I'll see if I can help." So the kind fellow walked up to the old man and asked, "What are you doing, my friend?"

"Fishin', sir."

"Fishin', eh. Well how would you like to come have a drink with me?"

The old man stood put his rod away and followed the kind stranger to the corner bar. He ordered a large glass of vodka and a fine cigar.

His host, the kind fellow, felt good about helping the old man, and he asked, "Tell me, old friend, how many did you catch today?"

The old fellow took a long drag on the cigar, blew a careful smoke ring and replied, "You are the sixth today, sir!"

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knee Action

The Schwinn Knee-Action Springer Fork
That knee-action fork was what I loved about this bicycle. I was in my early teens and I had the best bike in the world. It was great! You would hit a pot hole and that knee action fork would help absorb the shock. If I could only have that bike today…

And you can! The following Schwinn bicycle is a reproduction of that old famous bicycle that I enjoyed as a youth. The following can be purchased today, MSRP: $699.99


For more information, click here: Schwinn Bikes.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
It’s kind of funny… everyone wants to go to heaven,
but nobody’s want to die.

Quote of the Day
Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.  ~Baltasar Gracian

Joke of the Day

Old Man McQuillan walked into a bar and ordered martini after martini, each time removing the olives and placing them in a jar.

When the jar was filled with olives and all the drinks consumed, the Irishman started to leave.

"Excuse me," said a customer, who was puzzled over what McQuillan had done. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing," said the Irishman, "my wife just sent me out for a jar of olives."

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don’t Give Up!

Keep going when it’s the toughest it’s ever been. We can all learn something from the following video about an Olympic race. What is memorable is what happened to a loser, not the winner. The loser was a real winner.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Enjoy your work? Happiness does not come from doing the work, it comes from our attitude toward the work.

Quote of the Day
Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live.
~Jim Rohn

Joke of the Day

Thomas, a 70 year old, extremely wealthy widower shows up at the country club with an absolutely gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25 year old brunette. She hangs onto his arm and listens intently to his every word.

His usual playing partners and fellow members of the club are baffled and shocked. At the very first chance, they corner him and ask, “Thomas, how did you get the amazing trophy girlfriend?”

To which he replies, “Girlfriend? she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my wife!”

Disbelieving Thomas, they ask, “So, how did you persuade her to marry you?”

“I lied about my age”, he replies.

“What, did you tell her you were only 50?”

Thomas smiles and says, “Nope, I told her I was 90.”

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Institution of Marriage

Marriage Funnies
A few jokes and not taking yourself so serious can help a relationship.

Wife : 'Do you want dinner?'

Husband : 'Sure! What are my choices?'

Wife : 'Yes or no.'


Wife: 'You always carry my photo in your wallet.  Why?'

Hubby: 'When there is a problem, no matter how great, I look at your picture and the problem disappears.'

Wife: 'You see how miraculous and powerful I am for you?'

Hubby: 'Yes! I see your picture and ask myself what other problem can there be greater than this one?'


Stress Reliever--

Girl: 'When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and lighten your burden.'

Boy: 'It's very kind of you, darling, but I don't have any worries or troubles.'

Girl: 'Well that's because we aren't married yet.'


A newly married man asked his wife, 'Would you have married me if my father hadn't left me a fortune?'

'Honey,' the woman replied sweetly, 'I'd have married you, NO MATTER WHO LEFT YOU A FORTUNE!'


Girl to her boyfriend: One kiss and I'll be yours forever

The guy replies: 'Thanks for the warning.'

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Charity is a good thing, but you don’t want to make the person receiving it dependent on it.

Quote of the Day
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. 
~ Kahlil Gibran

Joke of the Day

A blonde hurries into the emergency room late one night with the tip of her index finger shot off. “How did this happen?” the emergency room doctor asked her.

“Well, I was trying to commit suicide,” the blonde replied.

“What?” sputtered the doctor. “You tried to commit suicide by shooting your finger off?”

“No silly!” the blonde said. “First I put the gun to my chest, and I thought: I just paid $6,000.00 for these breast implants, I’m not shooting myself in the chest.”

“So then?” asked the doctor.

“Then I put the gun in my mouth, and I thought: I just paid $3000.00 to get my teeth straightened, I’m not shooting myself in the mouth.”

“So then?”

“Then I put the gun to my ear, and I thought: This is going to make a loud noise. So I put my finger in the other ear before I pulled the trigger.”

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Global Warming?

A New Name To Cover Anything That Happens!
The “lefties” have done it again. “Global Warming” is out. Don’t use that term any more. The new thing is to be called:

“Global Climate Disruption” 

Warning: This is coming from the White House. Okay, I think I get the picture. Now whatever happens that is weather related, we can blame on mankind, greenhouse gases, SUVs, etc. So they have all the bases covered now, huh?

I hope you’re thinking. Don’t believe everything the media feeds you. This whole idea that man is changing the climate of earth is a hoax. They are guessing, and science is not backing it up. It’s actually more that a hoax, it’s a means for gaining control over our individual freedom.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I’ve heard that God knows who to give the
big problems to, and that’s to the people
who can handle them.

Quote of the Day
Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen. 
~Leonardo da Vinci

Joke of the Day

At the end of the age when all the believers were standing in line waiting to get into heaven, St. Peter appeared and said, "I want all the men to form two lines. One line will be for the men who were the true heads of their households. The other will be for the men who were dominated by their wives."

He continued, "I want all the women to report to Ester."

The women left and the men formed two lines. The line of men who were dominated by their wives was seemingly unending. The line of men who were the true head of their household had one man in it.

St. Peter said to the first line, "You men ought to be ashamed or yourselves. God appointed you to be the heads of your households and you were disobedient and have not fulfilled your purpose. Of all of you, there is only one man who obeyed Him. Learn from him."

Then St. Peter turned to the lone man and asked, "How did you come to be in this line?"

The man replied, "My wife told me to stand here."

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nil, Zilch, Zip, Nada, Goose Egg, Zero, …

What’s your favorite word for “nothing”?
Ever heard of “diddly squat”? Now that means nothing or something truly worthless.

Now you may have learned something today.

Other words that I’ve used. Have you ever used any of these words?

  • bone orchard
  • dicker
  • directly
  • everwhichway
  • piddling
  • smack dab
  • tuckered out
  • yonder
  • youngun
  • ya’ll
  • thingamajig
  • whatchamacallit
  • real McCoy
  • hobnob
  • kit and kubuddle
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Every problem is an opportunity.

Quote of the Day
There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
~Richard Buckminster Fuller

Joke of the Day

1. A flight attendant's comment on a less than perfect landing: "We ask you to please remain seated as Captain Kangaroo bounces us to the terminal."

2. After a real crusher of a landing in Phoenix, the Flight Attendant came on with, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain in your seats until Capt. Crash and the Crew have brought the aircraft to a screeching halt against the gate. And, once the tire smoke has cleared and the warning bells are silenced, we'll open the door and you can pick your way through the wreckage to the terminal."

3. Part of a flight attendant’s arrival announcement:
"We'd like to thank you folks for flying with us today. And, the next time you get the insane urge to go blasting through the skies in a pressurized metal tube, we hope you'll think of US Airways."

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Crash! Oops! I should have ducked.

Low Overpass or Tall Trucks
Have you ever watched some of these trucks go under an overpass, and it looked so close? Do they ever hit? Well I ran across an overpass that has been hit 13 time in 13 months. Here’s a video documenting the crashes. don’t you know the driver had a sick feeling when they hit!?

It says, on YouTube (quoting) “This is a compilation of the 13 crashes from April 2008 to May 2009 at the Gregson St RR trestle in Durham. The soundtrack is by Killer Filler.” I’m guessing that it Durham, NC?
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
A wise man says a little which means a lot.
A fool talks a lot but it means little.

Quote of the Day
I am always doing that which I cannot do,
in order that I may learn how to do it.
~Pablo Picasso

Joke of the Day

A man traveling through the country stopped at a small roadside fruit stand and bought some apples.

When he mentioned they were awfully small, the farmer replied, “Yup”

The man took a bite of one of the apples and exclaimed, “Not very flavorful, either.”

“That’s right,” said the farmer. “Lucky they’re small, ain’t it?”

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unusual Sculptor

email-orangutansJames Corbett Uses Auto Parts
This guy has man some amazing art objects using old auto parts. I think you’ll find his work interesting and unusual. Check out his home page at:

James lives in Australia and has been doing this sort of sculpturing since 1999. He has a unique talent for creating beauty from what would of gone into metal recycling.

Just Thinking… I wonder if anyone has tried making art from old fishing equipment?

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Happy Marriages… I believe all marriages are happy.
It’s the living together after the marriage that causes all the trouble.

Quote of the Day
Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.
~Jean Cocteau

Joke of the Day

Two dimwits were walking in the woods when they came upon some tracks.  

The first said, "You know, those look like deer tracks."

The other said, "No, silly, those are moose tracks."

They were still arguing about it when a train hit them.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandparents Day

At Zachary’s School
Our only grandson is in the 4th grade. last Friday was Grandparents Day when Beverly and I had the opportunity to visit the school, have lunch with Zachary, and go to his room and meet his teacher. It was lots of fun time for us, but I’m sure Zachary was glad to see us go. Ha!

IMG_0122 Here we are with Zachary in the school cafeteria.
Zachary sits at his school desk surrounded by books (above), and he stands by his locker (right).

His school is a K through 5 school. So he’ll only have one more year before he moves on to the 6-8 grade school. Oh it seems our grandchildren are growing up way too fast!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
A happy live has the following ingredients:
God, love, laughter, work and goals

Quote of the Day
God can heal a broken heart,
but He has to have all the pieces.
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

The manager of a large office asked a new employee to come into his office. "What is your name?," was the first thing the manager asked.

"John," the new guy replied.

The manager scowled. "Look, I don't know what kind of a namby-pamby place you worked at before, but I don't call anyone by their first name! It breeds familiarity and that leads to a breakdown in authority," he said. "I refer to my employees by their last name only - Smith, Jones, Baker - that's all. Now that we got that straight, what is your last name?"

The new guy sighed and said, "Darling. My name is John Darling."

The manager said, "Okay, John, the next thing I want to tell you..."

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


12 or 13 People?
My good friend Betty sent me the following picture puzzle (An animated GIF image). You are supposed to count the people. In each of the two views. One way you get 12, and in the other view you get 13. Can you figure it out?

12or13 Anyway, it a neat puzzle.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
They say a squeaking wheel get the oil. But if it continues to squeak all the time, it will get replaced.

Quote of the Day
God gives every bird its food,
but He does not throw it into its nest.
~J.G. Holland

Joke of the Day

Q: What do dolphins and men have in common?

A: They say that they're intelligent but no one's been able to prove that.

And …

A man is recovering from surgery when the Surgical Nurse appears and asks him how he is feeling.

"I'm O. K. but I didn't like the four letter-words the doctor used in surgery," he answered.

"What did he say," asked the nurse.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Start the Week

With A Good Laugh
I think you’ll enjoy this short little video that this old man sings about his honeymoon… His Honeymoon Surprise.

Let that be a warning to us older folks if we ever get the thought of marrying in old age.

I hope all my readers a wonderful day and week. Enjoy life, it’s God’s gift.

I Almost Forgot
Be extra careful today. Friday the Thirteenth came on Monday this month.

Football Note
The Tennessee Vols got “quacked” by the Oregon Ducks last Saturday.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Kindness: A message that the deaf can hear
and the blind can see.

Quote of the Day
The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.
~Samuel Johnson

Joke of the Day

A dog went to a telegram office, took out a blank form and wrote: "Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof."

The clerk examined the paper and politely told the dog, "There are only nine words here. You could send another 'Woof' for the same price."

The dog replied, "But that would make no sense at all!"

And …

Officer to driver going the wrong way up a one way street, "And where do you think you are going?"

Driver: - "I'm not sure, but I must be late as everyone else is coming back."

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just For You

This is Good Advice

Many people will walk in and out of your life.
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

To handle yourself, use your head;
To handle others, use your heart.

Anger is only one letter short of danger.

If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

He, who loses money, loses much;
He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
He, who loses faith, loses all.

Learn from the mistakes of others.
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

Today is Jade’s Birthday!!!
Nana and Papa wish Jade a very Happy Birthday!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
You are richer today if you have laughed,
given or forgiven.

Quote of the Day
Boredom is a sickness the cure for which is work; pleasure is only a palliative.
~Le Duc de Lévis, Mémoires

Joke of the Day

A man was working in his garden near a mental hospital when one of the patients asked what he was doing.

The man answered "I'm putting manure on my strawberries."

"That's funny", said the patient, "We put sugar and cream on ours and they think we are crazy.

~~~Comments on the above joke….

The above joke reminded me of a true story. It seems Inez was visiting Rose. Rose’s husband was leaving the house and Rose told Inez, “He’s going to get some chicken litter.” Inez & Rose were both a little hard of hearing, and every time Rose said litter, Inez thought she said liver. And when Inez said liver, Rose thought she had said litter.

The following is from Rose’s perspective:

Rose said, “He’s going to get chicken litter”

Inez responded, “Oh good, I just love chicken litter!”

Rose asked, “What do you do with it?”

Inez said, “I eat it. It’s delicious.” 

Then they both started laughing I think…

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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day of Fun

Fishing at South Holston Lake P1060753
We had a great day of fishing yesterday. The weather was beautiful and the fishing was great. We got our lake trout limit early, and found a depth and lure combination that was right on for catching cat fish. We had a nice stringer of eight fish that will result into some nice filets.


At the Beach In China
When someone sent me some pictures of a day at the beach in China, I was amazed. Just look at this…

China Beech Can you imagine? No, I cannot.
I don’t think I could enjoy that.
More pictures of China beaches can be found here.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Someone said that
it's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are done.

Quote of the Day
The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life is the source from which self-respect springs.
~Joan Didion

Joke of the Day

A woman seated at the movies was surprised to find, sitting in the two adjacent seats, a man with his arm around a sheep dog. All through the movie, she noticed the dog watching the picture with apparent understanding snarling when the villain appeared, yelping happily at the funny parts.

At the end of the movie, she tapped the man on the shoulder. "I just can't get over how much your dog enjoyed the movie," she said.

"It surprises me too," the man answered, "He absolutely despised the book."

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

They Don’t Want Us to Fish or Hunt!

If someone had told me 50 years ago that “certain groups” would want to outlaw fishing and hunting, I would of said, “You’re crazy!” But it’s happening and I’m not making this up. In fact, if we don’t vote yes for the right to hunt and fish in Tennessee the coming November, we may lose that right. Go to the TN Hunt and Fish website for more information. Also check out the following videos:


And That’s Not All
Recent articles in the newspaper have indicate they want to outlaw the use of lead for fishing tackle and ammo. Go to this web site to help Keep America fishing.

The environmentalists have gone crazy. Don’t they know the difference between human rights and animal rights?

My Protest 
Today I’m going to protest the above by going fishing. We’re going either to S. Holston or Watauga to try for some of those big Lake Trout. Some of the lures and equipment we’ll be using is made partly out of lead. That makes me feel good. Go away crazy people with non sensible ideas!
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Standing in the middle of the road is dangerous. You will get knocked down by the traffic from both ways. Take a stand, and get on the right side.

Quote of the Day
There was no respect for youth when I was young, and now that I am old, there is no respect for age -
I missed it coming and going.
~J.B. Priestly

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Fall Classes for Men at
By Monday, Sept. 13, 2010

Class 1
How to Fill Up the Ice Cube Trays--Step by Step, with Slide Presentation.
Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

Class 2
The Toilet Paper Roll--Does It Change Itself?
Round Table Discussion.
Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours.

Class 3
Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub?--Group Practice.
Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 4
Fundamental Differences between the Laundry Hamper and the Floor--Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.
Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks.

Class 5
Dinner Dishes--Can They Levitate and Fly into the Kitchen Sink?
Examples on Video.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM

Class 6
Learning How to Find Things--Starting With Looking In the Right Places and Not Turning the House Upside Down While Screaming.
Open Forum
Monday at 8:00 PM, 2 hours.

Class 7
Health Watch--Bringing Her Flowers Is Not Harmful To Your Health.
Graphics and Audio Tapes.
Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 8
Real Men Ask For Directions When Lost--Real Life Testimonials.
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Location to be determined

Class 9
Is It Genetically Impossible To Sit Quietly While She Parallel Parks?
Driving Simulations.
4 weeks, Saturday's noon, 2 hours. 

Class 10
How to be the Ideal Shopping Companion
Relaxation Exercises, Meditation and Breathing Techniques.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

Class 11
How to Fight Cerebral Atrophy--Remembering Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Important Dates and Calling when you're going To Be Late.
Cerebral Shock Therapy Sessions and Full Lobotomies Offered.
Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 12
Understanding Appliances
The Stove/Oven--What It Is and How It Is Used.
The Washer & Dryer—The basic difference.
Plus Vacuums, Dishwashers, etc.
Live Demonstrations.
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, location to be determined.

Upon completion of any of the above courses,
Diplomas will be issued to the survivors.

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