Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Paris

When I got to Dad's yesterday, the man was in the bucket cutting his tree. Here's a couple of pictures I took before we left. The last picture shows that he wasn't finished before we left. But we heard from Mary last evening that he completed the job, and the tree is now gone. Mary said he put the bird bath on the stump. (Click on the pictures for a larger view.)

Now we are at the hotel and ready for some breakfast. After that we will head to the convention grounds for what we know will be a good and profitable day.

Quote of the Day

In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance,
everyone should have a dog that will worship him
and a cat that will ignore him.

~ Dereke Bruce

Joke of the Day
Mary Margaret was preparing for the sisterhood, and was required to live for 3 years in the Motherhouse, before her final vows. The Motherhouse rules required total silence, except each nun was allowed to say only two words per year during their yearly evaluation with mother superior.

At the end of her first year, Mary Margaret was ushered into Mother Superior's office, and taking a seat, Mother Superior asked her what would be her two words for this year. Mary Margaret replied "food's cold". Mother Superior thanked Mary Margaret and told her to return to her room.

After her second year at the Motherhouse. Mary Margaret was again ushered into Mother Superior's office, and once again, was asked by Mother for her two word for this year. "Bed's hard" replied Mary Margaret. "Thank you Mary Margaret I shall make note of it" said Mother Superior.

Upon completing her third year, and before her final vows, Mary Margaret again visited the office of Mother Superior for her yearly two words. "And what are your two words for this year?" asked Mother Superior. "I quit" said Mary Margaret. "Well I'm not surprised" replied Mother Superior, "ever since you've been here, it's been nothing but complaining."

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