Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just recently I received an award. I've been kind of modest about it. It came from one of my old high school friends. His name is Walter Sharp. In leading up to this award, he sent me a picture of some corn. It was in relation to one of my jokes. Then a few days later, after some more of my jokes on this blog, he crowned me King of Corn. And then following a few more jokes of the day, Walter told me that the Cornhedrin has called a special urgent emergency catastrophic assemblage & granted me permanent status as King of Corn! Walter, thanks for the honor of this prestigious award!

Optical Illusions

I came across some more optical illusions the other day, and thought I would share a few of them with you.This first Diagram always amazes me. You would think the lines slope, but all the horizontal lines are parallel.

The next two diagrams are interesting. On the one above I think you see a frog, but do you see the horse? On the right, I see a saxophone player and a girl. Do you?

Quote of the Day

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

~ Albert Einstein
Joke of the Day
Last summer, the President and Mrs. Clinton were vacationing in their home state of Arkansas.

On a venture one day, they stopped at a service station to fill up the car with gas. It seemed that the owner of the station was once Hillary's high school love. Bill was quite amused at this, but didn't mention anything at the time.

They exchanged hellos and went on their way.

As they were driving on to their destination, Bill put his arm around Hillary and said, "Well, honey, if you had stayed with him, you would be the wife of a service station owner today."

She smirked and replied, "No, if I had stayed with him, he would have been President of the United States."

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