Saturday, October 20, 2007

Got the Big Head?

I don't have the big head, but I got to see the big head down in Mexico.

This picture shows Beverly and I along with our daughter, Bethany, and our friend, Leo. We are standing beside a
Colossal Head at the La Venta Park in Villahermosa, Mexico. These giant heads are one of the things left from the Olmec civilization.

The Olmec people are recognized as the predecessors of the Maya and Aztec civilizations in Mexico. They are mysterious in the fact that no one knows what happened to them. One thing they left for us to see are the Colossal Olmec Heads. When in Mexico we saw two of these heads. One was in Villahermosa at the La Venta Park, and the other was in a remote area of Mexico that we visited once with some friends. Only 17 of these heads have been uncovered to date. I believe the head in my picture is the same as this head. Here's another picture of this same head. To learn more about the Olmec civilization and the gigantic and mysterious heads click on the following links:
Jade's Grades
Jade brought home here 6-week report from school yesterday. She had earned straight A's! Congratulations, Jade! Your hard work and studying is paying off.


Quote of the Day
Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Joke of the Day
This man had been in a second hand store where they kept lovely things and he noticed a grandfather clock. He really wanted the clock but never did buy it. One day he walked by and noticed they were having a sale and everything was half price. He goes in and yes the grandfather clock was half price. He said,"I'll take that grandfather clock and you can deliver it to this address. "Oh, NO" said the manager "we don't deliver half price items, but we know you. You've been in here and you live only three blocks. The clock is only 8 feet and you are 6 feet, so we will strap it on your back and you can carry it home. And like a fool the man agreed to this. So he is out leaning over carrying this 8 foot grandfather's clock and in his preoccupation he knocks a drunk to the sidewalk. And says to him "Why don't you look where you are going?" And the drunk looked up at the man and asked," Why don't you wear a wrist watch like everybody else in town?"


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