Monday, October 1, 2007

Knoxville Convention Gems from Sunday

Our last day of Knoxville Convention was yesterday. We had two wonderful meetings. Here are my little Gems:
  • A lot of times we worry about things that God has already fixed.
  • The biggest mountain we face is sometimes the imaginary one we have in our own mind.
  • Serving God is a step by step and moment by moment process... take one step with Jesus at our side, the take another step, again and again.
  • Where is Jesus? We don't need to worry about that. We should be asking where are we?
  • We may fail. So? Get clean and start again. It works!
  • Serving God is more than going to meetings... It means having a relationship with God our Father.
  • How do I know my religion is right? Because I follow Jesus who is perfect.
  • Our natural children aren't perfect, but we love them. God's the same way. We're not perfect, but he loves us.
  • When David went to battle Goliath, he took what he had proved. And the main thing he had proved was that God would help him.
  • David got complete victory. He didn't stop with the sling but he took the sword. We get complete victory by not loving anyone or anything more than we love Jesus and the Gospel.
  • Fear of the Lord means have respect for the Lord. (like a desire to please Him)
  • Psalm 25:14 "The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him;..." The Spanish Bible translates this as "intimate fellowship". So we could say that those who would have a close fellowship with God would be those that fear and respect Him.
This is my second post for today. To read my quote of the day and joke of the day see my earlier post.

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sal said...

Hi Jim
So nice to finally get a peep at your blog, enjoyed your little gems. Very special to get a pic of Jade also, brings back many memories of my own special days in your home. Please thank Beverly for her good letter I got today. Lots of Love from Ireland, Salena