Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday in Paris

Good morning!
Dad told me to tell you hello this morning.

We're in Paris, Tennessee and we are doing fine. I really don't have time while I am here to do justice to writing up my Paris Convention Gems. I will write these up and post them after convention.

We a a wonderful day of meetings yesterday, and got to see a lot of old friends from the past. It sure brings back fond memories of days gone by.


Quote of the Day
The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do,
something to love, and something to hope for.

~ Allan K. Chalmers

Joke of the Day

A fellow from Ohio was down in Tennessee and decided to go squirrel hunting. He roamed the woods all day and never had a thing to show for it. As he was headed for his auto he saw this young boy with squirrels hanging all the way around his body under his belt. He asked the boy how he got all the squirrels. The boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and showed the man some small steel balls. He told the man he used some of these small steel balls. About that time a squirrel jumped from one tree to the next. The boy took a steel ball in his left hand and threw it and hit the squirrel right the head. The man marveled at this and and complimented the boy on being so accurate, left handed and all. The boy said oh I'm not left handed it's just my daddy says I tear them up to bad when I throw right handed.

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