Friday, October 19, 2007

Wheels, Catemaco, and Gems

Today I was reminded of something that happened back during the 1970s energy crisis. Three of us guys carpooled to work. Bob, who had a strong southern accent, was in the front seat beside Hubert who was driving. I sat quietly in the back seat. Bob said, “Hubert, where’s a good place to by some 'ties'. Hubert began to explain to Bob that he did not need any ties. He reminded Bob that ties were not part of the dress code at work due to higher temperatures in the offices. Then Bob replied, “Hubert, I’m talking about automobile 'ties'!”

I choked and gagged and tried to keep from laughing, and I couldn't wait to tell someone who would laugh with me.
What made me think of that? Well, I bought some new Michelin® "ties" yesterday.
My picture today come from Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico. The colorful boats were on the lake at Catemaco. The lake was formed by a volcano many years ago. They offer boat rides to go out on the lake to see lots of wildlife including an island inhabited by monkeys. On one part of the boat trip they stop at place where you can go for a walk in the jungle. On this walk you pass an area where the movie, "Medicine Man" was made. It starred Sean Connery. You also pass by little huts where you could actually visit with a Shaman and have your fortune told or something, It was eerie and we didn't like the vibes we got when we were close to their little huts. They even have an annual gathering of witches at Catemaco. You can also get a special mud placed on your face like a mud pack. It's supposed to bring back a youthful appearance. I tried it. It did not help me. You can read more about this mysterious little town at these links:
Convention Gems
I have completed my Convention Gems from Paris, Tennessee. You can download a pdf file of the gems from 3 conventions: Knoxville, Madisonville, and Paris. Click
Convention Gems.

Quote of the Day

A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.
~ Ed Howe

Jokes of the Day?
George was worried that his wife Lucy, might be losing her hearing, as he'd recently noticed that often he didn't get a reply when he spoke to her from a distance. He wasn't sure how to bring up this rather sensitive subject with her, so he decided to ask the family doctor.

"Well," the doctor said, "knowing Lucy and you as I do, I'd suggest that tonight while she's in the kitchen, you stand about 15 feet away from her and ask her in a normal voice what's for supper. If she doesn't respond, move about 5 feet closer and ask again. If she still doesn't reply, move another 5 feet closer and ask again. Let me know what happens and we'll figure out what to do."

That evening while Lucy was at the kitchen sink washing vegetables and preparing the meal, George stood about 15 feet away, cleared his throat and asked, "What's for supper, Lucy?" He got no response, so he moved up about 5 feet. "What's for supper, Lucy?" he asked again, and still he didn't hear a peep. He moved up another 5 feet, almost right behind her, and asked, "What's for supper, Lucy?". Turning around to face him, Lucy said, "For Pete's sake George! I've told you twice already. We're having meat loaf and mashed potatoes!".

Do you like corn? Try this for corny...

A police officer spotted a car speeding and swerving slightly. He pulled behind it and activated his lights. But the driver didn’t respond. So the officer pulled alongside the car. He was astounded to see that the driver was knitting. The officer lowered his window and yelled, “Pull over!” “No,” the driver hollered back. “It's a Scarf.”

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