Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something New from National Geographic

Unique Photograph
The following video shows an Infinite Photograph application from National Geographic. As you zoom in on the image, other images appear that make up the current image,… and it goes on and on.

Learn more, here:

Watch the video below:

I wonder how many layers there are to the photograph? Is it really infinite?

Do you believe that if you had an infinite number of moneys, typing on an infinite number of typewriters, that they could write the complete works of Shakespeare? I asked my wife this question, and she said “No, and if you think they could, then you don’t understand monkeys!” I think she’s right.

Read about the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Whew! I was Tired!
I had a busy day yesterday: Washed my car, mowed the yard, did some weed eating, trimmed a few shrubs, and used the blower to clean the sidewalks and driveway. It was really dusty and the yard was filled with pollen. My eyes certainly felt itchy last night. I hope we get a little more rain soon.

Today is the last day of April. Tomorrow starts off a whole new month. This year is flying by. Bring on the May flowers!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The cost of living keeps going up,
and the chance of living keeps going down.

Quote of the Day
A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.
— Ed Howe

Joke of the Day

Sister Mary Katherine entered the Monastery of Silence. The Priest said, "Sister, this is a silent monastery. You are welcome here as long as you like, but you may not speak until I direct you to do so."

Sister Mary Katherine lived in the monastery for 5 years before the Priest said to her, "Sister Mary Katherine, you have been here for 5 years. You may speak two words."

Sister Mary Katherine said, "Hard bed."

"I'm sorry to hear that," the Priest said, "We will get you a better bed."

After another 5 years, the Priest called Sister Mary Katherine. "You may say another two words, Sister Mary Katherine."

"Cold food," said Sister Mary Katherine, and the Priest assured her that the food would be better in the future.

On her 15th anniversary at the monastery, the Priest again called Sister Mary Katherine into his office. "You may say two words today.

"I quit," said Sister Mary Katherine.

"It's probably best," said the Priest. "You've done nothing but complain since you got here."

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Visiting Dad & Mary

Knoxville, Tennessee
Yesterday we went to Knoxville so our daughter, Bethany, could visit Mary and Dad. We had a great time and a good visit. As usual, we enjoyed telling the same old stories that brought back a fond memory, a little chuckle, and maybe a tear to the eye.

We took some pictures that I will share with you today…

Bethany & Dad
Mary, Dad & Bethany
Beverly & Jim
Mary & Dad

Beverly & Bethany

While we were at Dad’s we checked on the tomato garden, and everything looked good. The plants are all alive and look very healthy.
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Like some rearview auto mirrors, our bathroom
mirrors should have a little message on them 
that might say something like this: 
“Objects in mirror are not as old as they appear.”

Quote of the Day
What you do not want done to yourself,
do not do to others.
— Confucius

Joke of the Day

An efficiency expert concluded his lecture with a note of caution. "You don't want to try these techniques at home."

"Why not?" asked somebody from the audience.

"I watched my wife's routine at breakfast for years," the expert explained. "She made lots of trips between the refrigerator, stove, table and cabinets, often carrying a single item at a time. One day I told her, 'Hon, why don't you try carrying several things at once?'"

"Did it save time?" the guy in the audience asked.

"Actually, yes," replied the expert. "It used to take her 20 minutes to make breakfast. Now I do it in seven."

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fishing and Annie

Went Fishing Yesterday
Doug, Ralph and I went back to Douglas Lake yesterday. It was hot! But we had a good day.We brought home 17 nice fish: 10 crappie and 7 stripes. Here’s a few pictures.

Douglass Lake

Blue Heron in the trees

Ralph holds the stringer,
Doug is on the left


We’re back home with our catches of the day.


Annie, The Play
Last week our granddaughter was in a play at her elementary school. The play was presented by the 4th and 5th grades. Here’s a YouTube video that shows some of the action.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Every place is within walking distance
if you have the time.

Quote of the Day
Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few;
friend to one; enemy to none.
— Ben Franklin

Joke of the Day

John and David were both patients in a Mental hospital. One day while they were walking passed the hospital swimming pool, John suddenly dove into the deep end. He sunk to the bottom and stayed there. David promptly jumped in and saved him. He swam to the bottom of the pool and pulled John out.

The medical director came to know of David's heroic act. He immediately ordered that David be discharged from the Mental Hospital, as he considered him to be OK.

The Doctor said, "We have good news and bad news for you, David! The good news is that we are going to discharge you because you have regained your senses. Since you were able to jump in and save another patient you must be mentally stable. The bad news is that John, hung himself in the bathroom and died."

David replied, "Doctor, he didn't hang himself. I hung him there to dry."

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Monday, April 27, 2009

S’mores and More

Saturday Evening Cookout
We had a wonderful time at our cookout last Saturday evening. We grilled hamburgers, built a nice fire in the backyard, and roasted marsh mellows. I think these pictures will tell the story…
(click on the pictures for a larger view)

The Roasting Begins
Kara Knows How
Graham Crackers & Chocolate
This One’s Ready!
Yum Yum!
Granddaddy Watches

As the sun sets we take a few more pictures…

Kevin & Lesley
Kevin & Zachary
Bethany, Kara & Zachary
How Sweet…
Hug Him Kara, Not Strangle!
Beverly & Jim
All Smiles

Gone Fishing
RoadRunner I’m heading back to Douglas Lake today to try those crappie again. Our last couple of trips we had better luck using a lure called the Road Runner. It’s like a lead head jig with a twister but has a little spinner blade on it (See picture). It seems like every year there’s something a little different that you need to use to get the bite. Well, we’ll try the Road Runners today, as well a Jiffy Jigs, hair jigs, and plastic jigs of all different colors, with and without minnows.

Thus far this year we have made 4 trips to Douglas for crappie. We have caught a total of 74 crappie, but only 37 keepers. So about half have been under the size limit. That’s not all bad, because it means there are prospects of a good future for fishing.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
If you can laugh at yourself,
you shall never cease to be amused.

Quote of the Day
Always be a little kinder than necessary. 
~ James M. Barrie

Joke of the Day

George was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things. He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" and he said no.

Then they said that all patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available. George said "Okay," and hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again.

"Hello. I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people in my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them. I've shot them all." Then he hung up.

Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response unit, and an ambulance showed up at the Phillips residence. Of course, the police caught the burglars red-handed. One of the policemen said to George: "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"

George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Tomato Day Was Good!

We Planted 45 Tomato Plants
We had a great day of fun and work helping Dad plant his tomatoes. Kevin used the post hole digger, Beverly added the fertilizer (black cow) and I did most of the planting on my hands and knees. This year was easier for me because I had bought and brought some knee pads which made it much easier. Here’s a few pictures that I promised… (click on the pictures for a larger view)

The Tomato Garden

Forty-five Plants

All Mulched & Watered

One Big boy Plant

Dogwood Blooms

Our Work is Done

Bethany Arrives Today 
Our daughter will arrive in Kingsport today for a week. We look forward to her visit and we have some big plans later today. Granddaddy will be grilling burgers on the patio in the back yard, and we might be building a fire to roast some marsh mellows and make some S’mores. Kevin, Lesley, Kara and Zachary will be joining us.

My friend Sue sent me an interesting email the other day. It was about insults that were made with the English language without the use of any cuss words. I’ll share some of them with you today, so you can see how proficient people were at using the language to cut someone down to size.


  • The exchange between Churchill & Lady Astor: She said, "If you were my husband I'd give you poison." He said, "If you were my wife, I'd drink it.
  • "He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary." - William Faulkner (about Ernest Hemingway).
  • "Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I'll waste no time reading it." - Moses Hada
  • "I feel so miserable without you; it's almost like having you here." - Stephen Bishop
  • "Some  cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." - Oscar Wilde
  • "I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend.... if you have one." - George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill.
    "Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second... if there is one." - Winston Churchill, in response.

Please don’t insult anyone today or anytime. Be kind to everyone. Think thoughts that don’t lead to insults. The tongue…

“In the same way, the tongue is a small part of the body, yet it can boast of great achievements. A huge forest can be set on fire by a little flame. The tongue is a fire, a world of evil. Placed among the parts of our bodies, the tongue contaminates the whole body and sets on fire the course of life, and is itself set on fire by hell. For all kinds of animals, birds, reptiles, and sea creatures can be or have been tamed by the human species, but no one can tame the tongue. It is an uncontrollable evil filled with deadly poison.”  ~James 3:5-8

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The Roman Numerals for forty (40) are " XL."
So I checked my age of seventy (70). It is LXX.
Whew, I thought it might be XXL

Quote of the Day
Failure doesn't mean you are a failure...
it just means you haven't succeeded yet.
~Robert Schuller

Joke of the Day

An artist asked the gallery owner if there had been any interest in his paintings on display at that time.

"I have good news and bad news," the owner replied. "The good news is that a gentleman inquired about your work and wondered if it would appreciate in value after your death. When I told him it would, he bought all 15 of your paintings."

"That's wonderful," the artist exclaimed. "What's the bad news?"

"The guy was your doctor."

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Friday, April 24, 2009

A Tomato of a Day

Planting Time
Tomato_Clipart7 Today we’re heading to Knoxville to help Dad get those tomato plants in the ground. He’ll be smiling for sure. I hope to have a few pictures tomorrow to show the results of our efforts.

We’ll start around 10 or 10:30 AM and we should be finished by 2:30 PM. You might be able to see us working on Dad’s web cam.

Yesterday we saw the play, Annie, which was presented by the 4th and 5th Grades at Kara’s school, Indian Springs Elementary School. Kara played the role of Grace, the secretary to Oliver Warbucks. All the students did a marvelous job, and presented an excellent and entertaining play. Here’s a few pictures I managed to take from the audience.
IMG_1260 IMG_1280

A Cute Story
Herz I received this a few days ago from my good friend Jay, and I thought you might enjoy reading it also… 

A mom was concerned about her kindergarten son walking to school.

He didn't want his mother to walk with him.

She wanted to give him the feeling that he had some independence but yet know that he was safe. So she had an idea of how to handle it. She asked a neighbor if she would please follow him to school in the mornings, staying at a distance, so he probably wouldn't notice her.

The neighbor said she said that since she was up early with her toddler anyway, it would be a good way for them to get some exercise as well, so she agreed.

The next school day, the neighbor and her little girl set out following behind Timmy as he walked to school with another neighbor girl he knew. She did this for the whole week.

As the two walked and chatted, kicking stones and twigs, Timmy's little friend noticed the same lady was following them as she seemed to do every day all week.

Finally she said to Timmy, 'Have you noticed that lady following us to school all week? Do you know her?'

Timmy nonchalantly replied, 'Yeah, I know who she is.'

The little girl said, 'Well, who is she?'

'That's just Shirley Goodnest,' Timmy replied, 'and her daughter Marcy.'

'Shirley Goodnest? Who in the world is she, and why is she following us? '

'Well,' Timmy explained, 'every night my Mom makes me say the 23rd Psalm with my prayers, 'cuz she worries about me so much.  And in the Psalm, it says, 'Shirley Goodnest and Marcy shall follow me all  the days of my life', so I guess I'll just have to get used to it!'

May Shirley Goodnest and Marcy be with you today and always.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Being young is beautiful,
but being old is comfortable.

Quote of the Day
Sometimes our hearts get tangled
And our souls a little off-kilter
Friends and family can set us right
And help guide us back to the light.
~Sera Christann

Joke of the Day

A young man wanted to get his beautiful blonde wife something nice for their first wedding anniversary. So he decides to buy her a cell phone. She is all excited, she loves her phone. He shows her and explains to her all the features on the phone.

The next day the blonde goes shopping. Her phone rings and it's her husband, "Hi Hon," he says. "How do you like your new phone?"

She replies, "I just love it, it's so small and your voice is clear as a bell but there's one thing I don't understand though."

"What's that, baby?" asks the husband.

"How did you know I was at Wal-Mart?"

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What’s Happening?

Root Cause Analysis
Yesterday, Beverly and I had lunch with two good friends, Duke and Nancy Okes. Duke had recently sent me an autographed copy of a book he had written, Root Cause Analysis. He had mentioned me in the preface to his book as one of his mentors. That was a pleasant surprise for me. You can read all about Duke and his consulting company at APLOMET.COM.

We enjoyed our lunch with them and getting up dated on happenings in each of our lives. It seems Duke is a regular reader to my blog. Thanks Duke!

Tomorrow is Tomato Planting Day
tomatoWe’re going to Knoxville tomorrow to help Dad plant his tomatoes. I think we are going to start mid morning. If you check Dad’s web cam, you just might catch us working.

Interesting Product
I found the following video interesting. It’s about a man and a product he invented which is called “Shelter in a Box”. Here’s a product that has real value when it’s needed.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Someone pointed this out to me:
When you put the 2 words "The" and "IRS" together
it spells "Theirs."

Quote of the Day
“Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder
will remain with me forever.”
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

A backwoods couple was delighted when finally their long wait to adopt a baby came to an end. The adoption center called and told them they had a wonderful Japanese boy, and the couple took him without hesitation.

On the way back home, they stopped by the local college to enroll in night courses. After they filled out the form, the registration clerk inquired, "May I ask you a question? What ever possessed you to study Japanese?"

The backwoodsman said proudly,---In a year or so, our adopted son will start to talk. We want to be able to understand him."

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This and That

Today is Earth Day 
It is good to be “green” these days. But it’s not always easy. My Granddaughter Mandy has started a blog named, It ain’t easy bein’ green. Check it out when you have time. I’m proud of her. I think my daughter Bethany is also working on a blog, and when she get it ready we’ll have four generations a blogging!

It looks like this last rain and “cold snap” is almost over. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 70s. We’re all glad for that.

I still haven’t sold my Snapper lawnmower. I think I’ll keep advertising it. I’m advertising it online on


You can find lots of great deal at the EClassifieds on just about everything. This is where I advertised and sold my Ford Explorer 3 years ago. If you live in East Tennessee you might want to check it out.

I found a wonderful source for free wallpaper for your computer the other day. It’s from the National Geographic website. You can choose wallpaper from recent months. Just click below to go to the site:

NGIf you have problem in uploading the images, let me know and I will help you. 

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Recently heard:
“Back in the 1960’s people used illegal drugs
to make the world look weird… Now the world is weird, and people are taking prescription drugs
to make it look normal.”

Quote of the Day
He who fears to suffer, suffers from fear.
~French Proverb

Joke of the Day

There was this bar and blondes were celebrating in the corner, with beers shouting, "41 days, 41 days!!!!"

The bartender watched as they more came in and joined the celebration. He was finally so curious that he went over and said, "Why are you celebrating shouting, '41 days, 41 days!!!'?"

Then a blonde held up a 4 piece puzzle box and said, "The box said 4 to 6 years, and it only took us 41days!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

The 111th Day Of 2009
And that means there are 254 more days to go in this year of 2009.

One year ago today, Kevin and I were in Dad’s Tomato Garden helping him plant tomatoes. Here’s some pictures from last year that bring back good memories.

Dad at the Garden
Dad & Kevin working
Fixing one of the cages
Dad’s happy!
See that smile…
We’re finished

Be sure and check out Dad’s Tomato Garden. He’s already making preparation for this years tomato garden. He hopes to plant this coming Friday. Also, Dad’s working to have his second web cam trained on the garden by the time he plants tomatoes this year. So you will be able to watch us work in the garden.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I think it was Lewis Gizzard that said, “It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.”

Quote of the Day
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
~Henry David Thoreau

Joke of the Day

There was a guy who walked into a bar and said to the bartender, "I'll bet you a beer that I can bite my left eye." And the bartender said, Well, nobody can bite their own eye! Sure."

So the man took out a glass eye and bit it. So he got his free beer from the bartender who had just lost the bet.

Then he said, "I'll bet you another beer I can bite my right eye." And the bartender replied, "No one can have two glass eyes. Sure thing, Sir."

So the man took out false teeth and bit his left eye.

(Never bet with someone who has a glass eye and false teeth.)

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Monday, April 20, 2009


Botanica Magnifica
The following video shows some beautiful photography by Jonathan Singer. His work is featured in the Smithsonian Libraries. The lens of his cameras has captured the art and beauty that is in the flowers… and all that’s lacking in the photos, is the fragrance.

The Weather
thermanThis last little cold snap was probably Redbud Winter, and the one were are  expecting for next week may be Dogwood Winter. Then there will be a Blackberry Winter to come as well. Just when we want Spring to spring, it seems these little winters get in our way. We are all eager for the warm spring days that we can enjoy. You’ll all heard this poem before, but it good to be reminded that we have to live with what God gives, and be thankful for it.

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
All of us could take a lesson from the weather.
It pays no attention to criticism.

Quote of the Day
Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.
~John Ruskin

Joke of the Day

On a plane bound for New York, the flight attendant approached a blonde sitting in the first class section and requested that she move to economy since she did not have a first class ticket.

The blonde replied... "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to New York, and I'm not moving." Not wanting to argue with a customer, the flight attendant asked the copilot to speak with her.

He went to talk with the woman asking her to please move out of the first class section. Again, the blonde replied... "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to New York, and I'm not moving." The copilot returned to the cockpit and asked the captain what he should do.

The captain said, "I'm married to a blonde, and I know how to handle this." He went to the first class section and whispered in the blonde's ear.

She immediately jumped up and ran to the coach section mumbling to herself, "Why didn't anyone just say so?"

Surprised, the flight attendant and the copilot asked what he said to her that finally convinced her to move from her seat. He said, "I told her the first class section was going to Chicago, and economy was going to New York."

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