Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Going West

My Dad and I have decided to go west (But only to West Tennessee, and only for a few days.) We're leaving today to go to our last church convention in Tennessee at Paris. This convention is held on a farm which is owned by my Uncle John, who is my Mother's brother.

I'll drive to Knoxville in the morning and as soon as Dad gets that tree cut down we'll take off west. Dad may have some some pictures later on his journal to show the tree being cut down. You can check it out here at
Dad's Tomato Garden Journal.

Beverly and Jade are going to stay home and hold down the fort. And I think Mary is going to have a visitor while we're gone to Paris.
My picture today shows a beautiful sunset in Mexico. While the picture looks like it was taken close to a large body of water, actually the water in the picture is a swimming pool. The pool and palm trees were in the compound where Beverly and I lived when we were in Mexico. The compound had numerous apartments where employees lived who worked at the TEMEX chemical plant. Eastman had an arrangement with them where some of us "gringos" could live while in Mexico.

We enjoyed our days in Mexico very much. See those palm trees, well, we've seen Mexico boy climb those trees, almost effortlessly, and throw down coconuts. And then use their machetes to cut them to get the coconut milk and the meat.
Click on the Train of Life. A good friend sent this to me yesterday. Thanks Don B! How do you ride the train?

Quote of the Day

“The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain"

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Joke of the Day
When the water got to the farmer's bottom windows, a neighbor rowed over to rescue him. The farmer declined,"I'm a man of faith. God will save me." When the waters rose to the second story windows another neighbor appeared in a motor boat. Again the farmer refused to be rescued. "I'm a man of faith. God will save me." Finally the man sat on top of the roof, a helicopter flew over and lowered a ladder. Once again the farmer declined. "I'm a man of faith I'm certain that God will save me."

The next thing he knew the farmer found himself at the pearly gates. "What happened?" he moaned to St Peter. Why didn't God save me?" St. Peter shook his head sadly saying, " Listen here, we sent a rowboat, a motorboat and a helicopter."

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Mandy said...

Hope you and Grandpa have a great time out in my neck of the woods. You should call me if you have time to stop by, although it's probably not really "on the way." =) Oh yeah, and I remember swimming in that pool!! Love you.