Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday Night Storm

As you probably know Google Blogger has been down for the past 2 days. This was supposed to be my post for Thursday Morning.

Two Big Trees Down
And several small trees are down also. The wind was strong. The trees fell fairly close to our house and the bedroom where we sleep, but it did not wake us.

One of the trees slashed through my neighbor’s detached garage. It did severe damage tearing out a wall. Most of the roof was damaged too. Here’s a couple of pictures.

That;s the edge of our house on the right. My neighbor’s garage is shown on the left, and is most obscured by the downed trees.
Here’s a view from the back of my lot. the tree on the right was on my property. The other large tree sliced through the garage. IMG_0900

There’s been lots of storm damage this year. While we have been impacted a little, there are many people suffering greatly from tornados and flooding. I feel deeply for them.

A Family Loss
We learned yesterday that my Aunt Margie passed away in Paris, Tennessee. She was in a nursing home and not doing very well. She is the wife of my Uncle John, who is my mother’s brother. She will be missed. I always enjoyed being around her. She had a wonderful spirit. And she made the best baked beans I have ever tasted!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Some cause happiness wherever they go.
Others, whenever they go.

Quote of the Day
To kill time,
a committee meeting is the perfect weapon.
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

Bob: "So, you say that you won the conversion with your wife yesterday."

Joe: "Yes, she came crawling on her hands and knees."

Bob: "Really? What did she say?"

Joe: "Come out from under the bed, you coward.”


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