Monday, May 30, 2011

Home From the Hospital

I just arrived home from the hospital. It felt so good to walk outside and feel that warm sunshine.

I’m feeling great after that last bump in the road. I go back to my family doctor in 2 weeks, and see my heart doctor in about 3 months.

I’m supposed to “take in easy’ for the next couple of weeks, then I can start back at the gym doing my cardio and weight exercise.


Joan said...

What a week you and your family have had!!! I am glad to read that the stent procedure is working and you are home already. I know you will be out on a river fishing soon. ...Joan

John White said...

Hey Jim, So glad you are back home & all fixed up. We were all so concerned about you. I sent an email to DAD & Mary but didn't think you would be back online yesterday...just checked it this minute. Take it easy & get back to fishing soon.
John, Beverli & Jennifer