Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Car of the Future?

So They Say
It is quite an unusual automobile that requires no gasoline or no batteries for power. It has a hydrogen power plant that powers an electric motor. Watch this video…

Will they make one that will pull my boat trailer? Well, I’ll probably be gone by then and won’t have to worry about. This kind of technology moves very slow.

I just wish the USA could become energy independent. We could if we would just drill and drill. So drilling for more oil will take care of the short term until we can develop the cars of the future. Then we stop drilling.

Wow! Spring is On the Way!
This is the first day of March. Just think, before this month ends, God willing, I will be able to go fishing!


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The USA needs a good short term and long term plan to deal with our energy needs. You would think the oil crisis in the 1970s would have taught our politicians something. Shame on you both democrats and republicans!

Quote of the Day
To win, you've got to put the ball in the macramé. 
~Terry McGuire

Joke of the Day

Two golfers met at the club. "I heard about your terrible tragedy last week," said one.

"Yes," said the other sadly, sipping his drink. "I was playing a two-some with Winthrop, and he dropped dead on the ninth hole."

"I understand you carried him all the way back to the clubhouse too," the first man said sympathetically. "That must have been very difficult, considering Winthrop weighed over two hundred and fifty pounds."

"The carrying wasn't that hard. It was putting him down at every stroke, then picking him up again that wore me out."

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John White said...

Hi Jim,

Enjoyed your entry today particularly the story about the golfer. Good to hear you are looking forward to fishing weather.