Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beauty Comes In All Forms

In Mathematics?
Yes, there is beauty in mathematics. Just watch the following video.

By career I am not a mathematician, but I am close. I am a statistician by training. I fulfilled most of my career at Eastman Chemical Company as a statistician. I don’t particularly like numbers for their symmetry as shown in the above video. I am more interested in numbers as information that can point the way to understanding and learning. Most of my work in industry was related to planning data collection, analyzing data obtained to learn about how systems and processes behave so they can be improved. It was fun!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Today is Saturday. Take time to rest and meditate,
for tomorrow is Sunday.

Three things God would like to hear when we pray:
1) I’m sorry.
2) Please help me.
3) Thank you.

Quote of the Day
The trouble with having a body is that people know it's where you hang out and you don't get any privacy.
~Robert Brault


Joke of the Day

A police officer was investigating an accident on a two-lane, narrow road in which the drivers had hit virtually head-on.

One driver, an extremely elderly woman, kept repeating, "He wouldn't let me have my half of the road!"

After gathering as much information as possible, he angrily approached the other driver, who was examining his own damage. The police officer asked, "That old lady says that you wouldn't let her have her half of the road. Why not?

In exasperation, the man turns from his smashed car and says, "Officer, I would have been HAPPY to give her half of the road --- if she had just let me know WHICH half she wanted!!!!"

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