Friday, August 6, 2010

Hotel Mansion Del Cupatitzio

Uruapan, Mexico
I think it was around eight years that I spent some weeks at this hotel. It was when I was still employed part-time by Eastman Chemical Company and doing some work there with one of their Mexico acquisitions. Over several visits to the hotel I enjoyed the decor and flowers and took many pictures. The following slide show illustrates the beauty of this excellent hotel, but still does not do justice to being there in person. If you have time look at some of the pictures.

Fishing Yesterday
Fishing was not at its best yesterday. A little slow. But we did manage to catch 6 lake trout and 4 of them were good keepers. This was all before the signs of a storm convinced us to get off the lake. We got off before the rain came and we stayed dry. We enjoyed ourselves.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Enjoy life. Make the most of life. Be thankful for life. Be a blessing to others. It would be wonderful for others to say they were glad to have known us. And, remember, it’s not so much what we do, but it’s how we make others feel. Be kind.

Quote of the Day
It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.
~Annie Gottlier

Joke of the Day


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Dar said...

WoW Jim, If you have to spend that much time away from home, that would be the place to go. What gorgeous surroundings.
One fish is better than no fish, right?
And enjoy life is exactly what we have been doing lately. Great entry.
That joke is way too true.