Monday, April 12, 2010

The Stone Wall

A Lesson Learned
When we study the wall below and meditate, there are maybe many lessons that God could teach us. I recently had such a lesson that He taught me.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says: 
A while back I was sitting by a stone wall (see picture above). Each stone was different in some way. Some had a different texture or color, and all were shaped differently. Some were very small, others were large. Then I noticed the mortar that held them all together. It connected every stone together.

I thought that each person in our life is like one of the different stones. Some stones very close to us would be like our family and close friends. Others stone further away may be other friends that we don’t see every day.

I was reminded that the mortar was like love. The love that binds all of us together and connected. I thought that the love covers our rough edges and connects us to every other stone and binds us tightly together.

Today I was thinking of some of our dear friends who are going though a difficult time. And even though they are miles and miles away today, our love reaches out to them and we feel their hurt and sorrow. That love is like the mortar joint that connects us together even though we are far apart.
We need to always protect the mortar (love) and not let it crumble away. It is our strength and it keeps us in the wall. The wall is strong because of all the unity of stones that have been fitted together to make the wall.

A stone alone is nothing,
but to be a part of the wall of friends is so comforting.

Quote of the Day
Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.
That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand. 
~Emily Kimbrough

Joke of the Day

A man went into a country grocery store to ask directions to the next village. While in the store he was browsing around, and notice a lot of salt on the store shelves. On one counter he saw about 50 bags of 2 LB salt. On another he saw what looked like 100 bags of 5 LB salt. In the back of store he saw at least large quantity of 50 LB bags of salt. He peeped into the back room and saw a room that was packed to the ceiling with salt of different type and sizes.

Finally, he told the store keeper, "You must sell a lot of salt?"

The store keeper relied, "No, we don't sell much salt, But, there's a salesman that comes through here about once a month, and he really sells a lot of salt!

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Karen A. Cooke said...

Hi Jim:
I love the stone wall analogy....glad my stone is not too far from yours! :)
Love ya! Karen