Monday, April 26, 2010

Jordon Lake

Fishing Last Week
Beverly and I sneaked off to North Carolina last week and I got the opportunity to fish a couple of days with Monk Wilson in Jordon Lake. Monk and I were both in school at NC State back in 1961-3, and we lived next door to each other in the married student housing.

Monk is a big crappie fisherman and earns his living selling fishing tackle through his web site which is I asked how he justified fishing with me when he had orders to fill and other work to do. Monk replied that you have to do field testing routinely.

Here some pictures…

Here’s Monk’s Boat. We fished 8 rods out the front and 10 out the back.


Here’s Granddaddy with 2 crappie on the same line using 2 jigs. Only one was a keeper.


Monk backing in to load the boat for the trip home.


Jim & Monk with 38 crappie from Wednesday.


Here’s filets from 69 crappie, our catch over 2 days of fishing.


Monk & I filleted the crappie, and Lucy prepared them for freezing.


On Tuesday we only caught 31 crappie. On Wednesday we thought we had 40 by the fish counters we had in the boat, but it seems we must have counted a couple of fish twice, because when we took them out of the live wells we only had 38. We could of easily had 40, it meant just staying a bit longer. We left the lake that day around 2:30 pm with what we thought was our limit.

Many thanks to Monk and Lucy for all their hospitality!!! It was great to spend some time with them again.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Grandmother has a new Dogwood Tree that was planted last fall. It was a gift from Kevin and Bethany. We were glad to see it lived through the winter, and it had a solitary bloom on the tree this spring. We hope it will have more blooms next year. God, too, looks at us and hopes we will show more growth next year.

Quote of the Day
Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley.
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

A guy jumps out of an airplane with a parachute on his back. As he's falling he realizes his chute is broken. He doesn't know anything about parachutes really, but as the earth rapidly approaches he realizes his options are limited, he takes off the parachute and tries to fix it himself on the way down. The wind is ripping past his face, he's dropping like a rock, and at 5000 feet another guy goes shooting up past him.

In desperation, our man with the chute looks up and yells, “Hey do you know anything about parachutes?!”

The guy flying up looks down and yells, “NO, do you know anything about gas stoves?!”

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Since you catch alot of crappie. Do you have a favorite recipe, your wife or you uses to prepare it?

Dar said...

WoW, Jim, What a Jim-Dandy day of fishing you had. Crappie are my favorite panfish. Nothing like them except maybe perch or walleye. Ha!

Hoping I show more growth too but not at the waistline.

Cool quote.

Sad joke!