Saturday, April 17, 2010

Off to the Races

Pinewood Derby
A couple of days ago we went to enjoy the competition and fun among some Cub Scouts at one of their local Pinewood Derbies. Our grandson, Zachary, was in the competition.

I had never seen the races before, even though I remember helping at least one of my sons make his Pinewood Derby car. We enjoyed the races and the fun. Here’s a few pictures (click on the picture for a larger view):

Looking down the race track. There are three (3) lanes.


The finish line. The other side shows how each car places.


Zachary’s car has to be weighed & checked to make sure it is “legal”.


Zachary and a friend watch the races to get a close view.


Here’s all the winners from each Cub Scout Den.


Zachary holds his car and his 3rd Place trophy.



Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
No, I’m just kidding.

Quote of the Day
Love one another and you will be happy. 
It's as simple and as difficult as that.
~Michael Leunig

Joke of the Day

Even though you may only write email, proper writing skills are still very important so that you leave a good image which the other person. Here’s some tips:

How to Rite Good
Don't use no double negative. Make each pronoun agree with their antecedent. Join clauses good, like a conjunction should. Now, about them sentence
fragments. When dangling, watch your participles. Verbs has to agree with their subject. Just between you and i, case is important, too. Don't write run-on sentences, they are hard to read. Don't use commas, they aren't
necessary. Try to not ever split infinitives. It's important to use your apostrophe's correctly. Proof-read your writing to see if you any words out. Correct spelling is esential.

If the above paragraph looks OK to you, then you are in trouble when it comes to writing.

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Dar said...

I remember the Pinewood Derby. My youngest son took 1st place and still has his car today. He's 28 now.
Congratulations to Zachary.

Thanks, I will remember that.

Truth be told.

Joke?-Nuff Said! I ain't so dumb you think I is!

**kaybecaroo** said...

The paragraph looked fine to me.

Derby Monkey said...

Congrats to Zachary for a great effort. I agree, the Pinewood derby is a fun event... its also a great opportunity for the dad and lad to work on a common project.