Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Old Trick

Pulling a Table Cloth Off a Set Table
Have you ever tried it? I have always wanted to, but I think you need a special kind of table cloth. It looks like the one used to do this trick are very slick and almost silk like.

Here a good video show this trick, and not just from a small tale but from a table set for about 24 people. This is amazing, and it is done with a BMW motorcycle pulling the table cloth.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Laugh a little today.
Let people know you are enjoying life.
Give everyone a big smile, and remember if you love someone, it’s okay to tell them you love them.

Love doesn’t make the world go around,
but it sure makes the trip worthwhile.

Quote of the Day
Don't let the same dog bite you twice.
— Chuck Berry

Joke of the Day

A fellow from Ohio was down in Tennessee and decided to go squirrel hunting. He roamed the woods all day and never had a thing to show for it. As he was headed for his auto he saw this young boy with squirrels hanging all the way around his body under his belt. He asked the boy how he got all the squirrels. The boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and showed the man some small steel balls. He told the man he used some of these small steel balls.

About that time a squirrel jumped from one tree to the next. The boy took a steel ball in his left hand and threw it and hit the squirrel right the head.

The man marveled at this and and complimented the boy on being so accurate, left handed and all.

The boy said oh I'm not left handed it's just my daddy says I tear them up to bad when I throw right handed.

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Dar said...

The tablecloth trick is amazing...who'da thunk?

Amen, even on this tough day.

Chuck Berry has a point there.

Quite the accurate eye...that young man surely has the best arms too.