Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smartest Man in America

It Will Surprise You
This video shows an interview with the smartest man in America. It lasts nearly 6 minutes, but it is interesting and will surprise you. Take a look…

Fishing Report
We were on the Lake yesterday. We caught 8 lake trout, 1 rainbow trout, and 1 catfish. Here’s a couple of pictures.

Here’s Jack and Paul with our day’s catch. P1050999
And here’s Ralph and Tennessee Granddaddy. P1060002
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
He who hesitates is probably right.
Don’t be rash.

Quote of the Day
Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Joke of the Day

A New York family bought a ranch out West where they intended to raise cattle. Friends came to visit and asked if the ranch had a name.

"Well," said the would-be-cattleman. "I wanted to call it the Bar-J. My wife favored the Suzy-Q. One son liked the Flying- W, and the other son wanted the Lazy-Y. So, we're calling it the…


"But where are all your cattle?"

"So far, none have survived the branding."

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