Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Earth From Space

New Photographs
I am always fascinated by pictures from space. I have found some recent scenes from the International Space Station that are posted on the Boston Globe web site: Here’s an example, Japan’s Mount Fuji.
MountFuji Click on the link above or the above picture to go to the Boston Globe web site and review these pictures.

Fishing Report 
We went to South Holston lake yesterday. We fished for walleye until around 1:00 PM, and did not even get a bite. Then we went after the lake trout, and got lots of hits but only netted 4 nice trout. You’re heard about the one that got away. Well, we had at least 7 nice fish that managed to get away. Anyway we had a wonderful day on the lake and we got home about an hour after the rain started.
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
You know you’re getting old when you actually look like your drivers license photo.

Quote of the Day
You really never lose until you stop trying.
— Mike Ditka

Joke of the Day

"Melfamie was a professional baseball player. During one game that he was sure he would not play he began to drink beer in the dugout. He had probably had a case.

Then he was asked to come into the game... bottom of the ninth, his team up by three runs no outs, and 1 man on first. Melfamie went into the game. He pitched. He walked the first batter, the second batter. Now the bases were loaded. He walked the next two batters and the score was tied. Then he walked the next batter so that the opposing team won the game.

As the players were leaving the playing field, the opposing team saw all of the beer that Melfamie had been drinking. One of the players turned to the others and said, 'Look, there's the beer that made Melfamie walk us.'

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