Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Senior Bumper Stickers

More Bumper Stickers
Here’s the last set of those bumper stickers for seniors:


Fishing Yesterday
We had another good day on the lake. We got our limit in Lake Trout but only caught 1 rainbow trout. Here’s a few pictures from yesterday and a few from last week.

The lake was beautiful yesterday, 7/14/2009. P1060012
Here the stringer from 7/14/2009. P1060025
Paul Cassel took this picture and the next two pictures on 7/7/2009. Here I am bringing in a Lake Trout. 20090707_6
This shows me netting a trout for one of the other guys. 20090707_12
This is an example of some of the nice Lake Trout we have been catching. 20090707_14


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Be careful and be prepared, for our whole life can change in the blink of an eye.

Quote of the Day
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal.
~From a headstone in Ireland

Joke of the Day

A young man asked an old rich man how he made his money.

The old guy fingered his worsted wool vest and said, "Well, son, it was 1932. The depth of the Great Depression. I was down to my last nickel. I invested that nickel in an apple. I spent the entire day polishing the apple and, at the end of the day, I sold the apple for ten cents. The next morning, I invested those ten cents in two apples. I spent the entire day polishing them and sold them at 5:00 p.m. for 20 cents. I continued this system for a month, by the end of which I'd accumulated a fortune of $1.37. Then my wife's father died and left us two million dollars."

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