Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your First Kiss

Jade Leaves Today
Today is the day Jade leaves East Tennessee and her Tennessee Nana & Papa. She flies out this afternoon for California where she will have a visit with an uncle. Then in a few days she will fly back to Vietnam for the summer.

We're sad, and wondering when and where we will see her again. It may be a long while. Even so, she will be close by in our thoughts and in our hearts.

First Kiss
Do you remember your first kiss? I think this little guy will remember his for a long time.

In the following YouTube video, some girls are going to test a new lip balm product. They end up kissing a monkey, thinking it is a male model. This is funny.

Quote of the Day
God doesn't give us what we can handle.
God helps us handle what we are given.
~ Unknown

Joke of the Day
It was their fifth anniversary, and Al and Alice had just returned from an evening out.

Alice was feeling romantic. "Will you love me when my hair has turned to silver?" she crooned.

"Why not?" Al grunted. "Didn't I love you through four other shades?"

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