Monday, June 30, 2008

Marilyn Monroe

Another Picture Puzzle
Is this Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? Well, right here it sure looks like Albert. Now I want you to move away from your computer screen and look at the picture (5 or 6 steps should be enough). Now look at the picture. It's Marilyn, not Albert!
I wonder when this will be used in a court of law to discredit the identification of someone by a witness. I wonder, can we be sure of what we see? Many thanks to Betty P. who sent this picture to me.

Fishing Report
Doug S and I went back to S. Holston Lake last Friday. We caught 10 trout all total, but since we could only keep 4 Lake Trout, we only brought home 6 fish. The 6 fish were 4 Lake Trout and 2 Rainbow Trout. The Lake Trout were not as large as what we had been catching. But the two Rainbow Trout were good size fish. The Rainbows are the 2 large ones on your right.

We're still using the Deeper Divers to get the lures down to the cool water where the trout hang out.

Quote of the Day
I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that
I may learn how to do it.
~Pablo Picasso

Joke of the Day
Little Harold was practicing the violin in the living room while his father was trying to read in the den.

The family dog was lying in the den, and as the screeching sounds of little Harold's violin reached his ears, he began to howl loudly. The father listened to the dog and the violin as long as he could.

Then he jumped up, slammed his paper to the floor and yelled above the noise, "For Pete's sake, can't you play something the dog doesn't know?"

~ A Big Thank You to Duke O. for the above joke!

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