Friday, February 15, 2008

Scoreboard Info

I'm changing my exercise points on my scoreboard. I'm giving 1 point each 30 minutes of cardio exercise and and 1 point for each session with the weights. At the present time, here's my weekly routine:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Weight Session & 30 Minutes Cardio = 2 points/day = 6 points/week
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 1 hour cardio = 2 points/day = 4 points/week
  • Weekly Goal = 10 points Week

Here's a look a my weight chart which I do in Excel. It looks pretty good so far, but it will get tougher. I hope I don't go over the line!
As of 2/15/2008 I'm finishing my sixth week of my New Year's Resolution.
I've lost 16 pounds.
I have done all the exercise I had planned: 60 Points.
I'm Happy.

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