Friday, February 15, 2008

How to Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper used to be something you pasted on the walls inside your house. Now when you say wallpaper, it has another meaning. And that is what I am talking about here--the wallpaper that is the background on you computer.

I like pretty wallpaper for my computer. Just a few days ago I found a site where you can get wallpaper for FREE from

According to the site, "The HDR wallpaper images are created by taking multiple shots exposed for the highlights, mid-tones and shadows separately and then merged into a single image. This process results in incredibly vivid images." The two pictures shown today should give you an idea of color and quality their wallpaper. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

How Can You Make Wallpaper From the Pictures in PowerPoint Slide Shows?
You may have some beautiful pictures that you would like to use for wallpaper in some of your slide shows. Most PowerPoint slide shows have the "pps" suffix (that means it is a PowerPoint Show file). These files run automatically and do not give the opportunity to edit or make changes to the file.

If you have the PowerPoint program on your computer you can open a "pps" file, make changes, and save all (or some) of the slides as "jpg" files. The "jpg" files you generate can be used as wallpaper. If you don't have the PowerPoint program, you'll have to get someone to help you who has the program.

You do this by starting the PowerPoint program. Then you open the "pps" file. After it is open in PowerPoint you can browse each slide and edit if you wish. When you find a slide you want to convert to "jpg", go to the "Save As" command and select "JPEG File ...". Then you will be given an option to save the "Current Slide Only" or "Every Slide". After you click, the "jpg" file(s) will be generated on your computer in the location you selected.

You can put your "jpg" wallpaper is a folder, then go to the control panels to change your wallpaper.

Try it, it's easy. If you need help, just contact me.

You can find some beautiful slides to convert to wallpaper by downloading some of the slide shows from My Favorite Slideshows.
Here's an interesting picture a friend sent me.I get dizzy looking at it. Ha!

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The lawyer thought for a moment. "What's the catch?" he asked.

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