Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Foul Shots

Last Saturday Zachary had another basketball game. Once when he was shooting he got fouled. So he went to the line to shoot two shots. Tennessee Granddaddy got it captured on his Canon PowerShot S1IS. Zachary did great! He hit both of his shots. If you like you can watch it here:

It's A Hoot, Maybe?
The other night while playing some games with some of our friends, we heard some "hoots". Is it possible that we have a hoot owl as a new neighbor? Anyone have any advice for how we can learn about our new friend?


Quote of the Day
Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long,
has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.
~Richard Armour

Joke of the Day

A lawyer and an engineer were fishing in the Caribbean. The lawyer said, "I am here because my house burned down and everything I owned was burned. The insurance company paid for everything."

"That is quite a coincidence," said the engineer, "I am here because my house and all my belongings were destroyed by a flood, and my insurance company also paid for everything."

The lawyer looked somewhat confused and asked, "how do you start a flood?"

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