Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going Back in Time

I have another old picture today. This one is truly out of the attic. There's a girl, a boy, and a man. The girl is my sister, Mary. The boy is yours truly, and the man is Peter Hunter. The picture was outside our home on Mayflower Road in Knoxville, Tennessee. That's where we used to live. Mr. Peter Hunter was one of our preachers.

Once I was with my Dad, Peter, and some others, they asked me if I knew where I was. We were on some old country road with curves in the middle of nowhere. I was quite a boy, I said, "Yes, I know where we are. We're right here!" (I was bright, huh?)

Another one of our preachers was around our home perhaps a few years prior to this. His name was Eddie Armstrong, a nice Irishman. I was very young, and he bounced me on his knee, and asked me, "Wee Jimmy, are you my little Irishman?"

Everyone else in room exploded with laughter when I said, "No, I'm a good boy." Now I don't remember that, but I have been reminded of it many, many times through the years.

Quote of the Day
A taxpayer voting for a democrat
is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders
~ Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

A photographer, who was also a confirmed atheist, decided to go into the woods to get photos of the fall foliage.

It was a beautiful day....fall colors, birds chirping, babbling brook, and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves.

While snapping shots, the atheist heard a noise behind him, and whirled around to see a huge bear coming through the bushes. He dropped his camera and ran. And kept running....... and looking behind him, he noticed the bear was gaining on him. He was so scared that tears came to his eyes. He ran faster, but the bear was closing in on him. He ran faster yet, and tripped over a root. Rolling over onto his back, the atheist saw the bear rise to his full height and raise a huge paw...... and the atheist cried out, "Oh, God, no!"

And everything stopped. The birds stopped chirping. The brook stopped babbling. The gentle breeze stopped. And the bear froze with his paw in the air. And the atheist heard a booming voice say, "Young man. For years you doubted my very existence, but now that your life is in peril you call my name to help you. Why should I do so?"

And the atheist thought for a moment, and said, "Yes, you are right. If you are God, then it would be hypocritical of me to become a Christian at this point in my life. But, do you think that you could at least make the bear a Christian for today?" And the booming voice was quiet for a moment and then said, "Done."

And everything started again. The birds chirping, brook babbling, and gentle breeze rustling the leaves. And the bear slowly lowered his paw.

And the bear put his paws together, and bowed his massive head and said, "Dear Lord, please bless this food we are about to eat."

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