Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Commercial

From Budweiser
It seems that the beer companies have a knack for makings some good commercials. I enjoyed this one that someone shared with me. I think you will like it.

When I was younger you used to hear this joke about about Budweiser.

Clem asks, “Hey Clyde, do you know how to make Budweiser?

Clyde responds, “No, I don’t believe I do.”

Clem says, “It’s easy, Clyde. You send him to school.”

In Knoxville Yesterday 
Beverly and I made a quick trip to Knoxville yesterday to visit my Dad and Sister. We had a great time and they treated us to nice meal at Ruby Tuesday. Here’s a picture of Dad and I as we relaxed in the family room.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Did you ever have to choose the lesser of two evils?
If you do, it pays to remember that the one you select is still an evil.

Quote of the Day
"I must do something" always solves more problems than "Something must be done." 
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

Three explorers became lost in the jungle and wandered for days with no food and little water. One day, just as they were finally about to give up, they crawled into a clearing and there right in front of them stood a Cannibal's Restaurant. Out front near the entrance was a large menu board. With the little energy they had left, they dragged themselves across the clearing and looked up to see the following menu:

Par boiled Priest $12.00
Roast Lion Hunter $14.00
Steamed Politician $198.50

They struggled in, dragged themselves to a table, and a waiter came to take their order. Before they ordered, one of the explorers asked the waiter "Can you help me understand your menu? The first two items are priced about the same, but the third item, the politician, is priced so much higher. Why is that?"

"Are you kidding?" replied the waiter, "Did you ever try to clean one of those suckers?"

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John White said...

Hey Jim:

Glad you & Beverly had a great time with DAD & Mary.

I just watched the video & you all did a great job.