Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Many Visitors
We had many visitors a few days ago. They were everywhere. There was a 100 or so of them flying around our house and buzzing around the yard and trees. They had come to tell me spring is on the way. Here’s a couple of pictures of our visitors.

IMG_2830 IMG_2838

Fishing Report for Douglas Lake - Here’s the fishing report that was in yesterday’s newspaper. Things are looking up!!!Douglas02.26.2010

Late Birthday Dinner
We had been wanting for just the 2 of us to go out and celebrate Beverly’s January birthday. But it seems that many different things made it impossible. So last night we took off to have a lovely dinner at Outback Steakhouse. This is one of Beverly’s favorite places because they have a gluten free menu, and on that menu they have a wonderful dessert that they call Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!

Here’s a picture of Chocolate Thunder I found on the web. It a gluten free brownie, topped with ice cream and hot chocolate syrup, covered with a delicious scoop of whipped cream and chocolate slices. Yum yum! CTFDU


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I’m thankful that God is a God of Second Chances.  There’s never a time we cannot start over in our life.

Quote of the Day
The walls we build around us to keep sadness out
also keeps out the joy.
~Jim Rohn

Joke of the Day

A Texas farmer was talking with a farmer from Tennessee.

Texan: "How big is your farm?"

Tennessean: " Oh, its big! Better than a thousand acres."

Texan ( not to be outdone) " Let me tell you about my farm! I can get into my pickup at sunup, head west, and by sundown I'm still on my land!"

Tennessean: " You know, I had a pickup like that once! "

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1 comment:

Dar said...

Sure wish we had an OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE here...I don't think I have ever seen gluten free meals on a menu anywhere before, besides coming up with your own...and that cho. thunder looks like pure sin...yum
Love the joke of the day...and the Tennessean of our TX friends can do that for all day without leaving his land...too much to keep track of, if ya ask me...I'm happy with my truck, best piece of real estate around
Sure could go for a pan of those crappies...some of the boys are on the ice today to catch a few after drilling through 3 ft of ice to get them...
God Bless and Go Catch A Fish and take a friend