Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home of Fast Horses and Pretty Women

Or is it fast women and pretty horses?
Anyway, we’re in Kentucky and will be going to the Oller Family Reunion later this morning.

We had an uneventful and good drive to Kentucky yesterday. Here’s a few pictures I took along the way. Click once on each picture for a larger view.

A colorful tree along Highway 58 in SE Virginia. IMG_2262
Another scene along Highway 58. IMG_2264
Some of the Buffalo on the road to Cumberland Gap. IMG_2267
We were behind a cattle truck. The sign read, “BEEF what a vegaterian dreams about”. And they misspelled vegetarian! IMG_2269

Enjoy the Ride
This slide show/movie has some nice pictures, good music and some tips that will bring you a beautiful day. Click below to go to the show. Enjoy.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Don’t worry. Be happy!
Life is way too short to spend it worrying.
Enjoy life, while you can!

Go Vols! Beat Bama!

Quote of the Day
The cure for anything is salt water -
sweat, tears, or the sea. 
~Isak Dinesen

Joke of the Day

At a friend's wedding, everything went smoothly until it was time for the flower girl and her young escort to come down the aisle.

The boy stopped at every pew, growling at the guests.

When asked afterward why he behaved so badly, he explained, "I was just trying to be a good ring bear."

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madcobug said...

Great pictures. Loved the slide show.
Enjoy the weekend. Helen