Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Douglas Lake

A few Pictures
Last Tuesday, when we were on the lake I took a few pictures you might find interesting. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

Gentle waves on the water with the beautiful mountains in the back ground.
Interesting rock formations. So regular in shape you could build a house with them.
More rocks on the shore.
Coming into the marina at end of the day.
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The meaning of JOY:
Jesus first
       Others second
     Yourself last

Quote of the Day
It's not hard to make decisions when you know
what your values are.
~Roy Disney

Joke of the Day

A redneck walks into a hardware store and asks for a chain saw that will cut 6 trees in one hour.

The salesman recommends the top of the line model. The redneck is suitably impressed, and buys it.

The next day he brings it back and says, "This chainsaw is defective. It would only cut down 1 tree and it took ALL DOG GONE DAY!"

The salesman takes the chain saw, starts it up to see what's wrong, and the redneck says, "What's that noise?"

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madcobug said...

Beautiful pictures Jim. Cute joke about the chain saw. Helen

Mandy said...

Love the pictures!