Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Softball & Baseball… and Fishing

It Gets Hot Out There
We’re going to watch Kara and Zachary play softball and baseball these days. They play on the teams sponsored by Eastman here in Kingsport.

Here’s a few pictures…

Here’s Kara with her cousin, Sara, after one of their recent games. You might notice that Kara is wearing glasses these days.

2010-06-17 10.02.18

Zachary’s waiting for his turn to bat while in the dugout. IMG_3406


IMG_3417 Now he’s in the batter’s box. He got a nice hit. See video clip below.

Fishing: We Got Blanked! 
We went fishing yesterday. Zero Keepers, and one wee throwback. We went to South Holston and Watauga Lakes. Yes, we fished 2 different lakes in the same day. It shows how desperate we were.

We went to South Holston, and we were not catching any fish. We decided to zip on over to Watauga Lake. We took the boat out of South Holston at 12:30 pm, and we were back in the water on Watauga by 1:30 pm. We fished Watauga until after 5 pm and only caught one small rainbow trout. We were fit to be tied, as well as being hot, sweaty, and tired… and nothing to show for our labor. A real bad day of catching for sure!!!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Recipe for Good Sleep:
Every night turn your worries over to God.

Quote of the Day
Justifying a fault doubles it.
~French Proverb

Joke of the Day

The blonde reported for her university final examination that consists of "yes/no" type questions. She takes her seat in the examination hall, stares at the question paper for five minutes, and then in a fit of inspiration takes her purse out, removes a coin and starts tossing the coin and marking the answer sheet Yes for Heads and No for Tails.

Within half an hour she is all done whereas the rest of the class is sweating it out.

During the last few minutes, she is seen desperately throwing the coin, uttering and sweating. The moderator, alarmed, approaches her and asks what is going on. "I finished the exam in half an hour. But I'm rechecking my answers."

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Mandy said...

Great joke! I didn't know Kara was wearing glasses!