Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity is Coming!
My Dad was asking me a while back why we didn’t have wireless electricity. I told him that maybe it was impossible or it would be dangerous. It turns out I was wrong. It’s coming soon, Dad!

Wireless electricity has been invented and demonstrated. Watch the following video and you will see the proof. (It lasts about 10 minutes, but if you are interested in new technology, it is worth it.)

Just imagine… I can charge my laptop without a wire running to the wall receptacle, and my phone too.

Stress Test
My nuclear stress test went according to plan yesterday. I will know the results next Monday when I see my doctor.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
We all like to think we are kind, but are we? We must remember that we don’t see ourselves the way others see us.

Quote of the Day
A good listener is usually thinking about something else.
— Kin Hubbard

Jokes of the Day

One day my friend said, "I think I was built upside down!"

Why do you think that?

He said, "My nose runs and my feet smell"


Anybody who goes to see a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.

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