Friday, September 4, 2009

Fishing on Watauga

Fishing Report
We had a wonderful and profitable day of fishing on Watauga Lake yesterday. In fact this was the best day we have ever had for Lake Trout. The biggest trout weighed a tad over 7 pounds, and we had a couple of 5 pounders as well. Our stringer is shown below:

Doug holds the stringer. The largest was over 7 pounds! And two 5 pounders!

Here’s Ralph with the stringer of fish and Watauga Lake in the background. 

We had a great time… and while the fishing started off slow it picked up during the day. 

Interesting Puzzle
I’ve seen this on the internet as part of an advertisement. I thought it was interesting. You might want to take a look below and count the number of triangles (don’t worry about the shadow). I hate to say that I missed it the first time, but you’ll get it right, I’m sure. (Kevin and Mandy were exactly right the first time.)

Triangles I’ll give you the answer tomorrow.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
What is wrong with congress? Why would they want to approve a bill that they have not read and cannot understand?

Quote of the Day
We judge others by their behavior. 
We judge ourselves by our intentions.
~Ian Percy

Joke of the Day

"Dear," said the wife. "What would you do if I died?"

"Why, dear, I would be extremely upset," said the husband. "Why do you ask such a question?"

"Would you remarry?" persevered the wife.

"No, of course not, dear" said the husband.

"Don't you like being married?" said the wife.

"Of course I do, dear" he said.

"Then why wouldn't you remarry?"

"Alright," said the husband, "I'd remarry."

"You would?" said the wife, looking vaguely hurt.

"Yes" said the husband.

"Would you sleep with her in our bed?" said the wife after a long pause.

"Well yes, I suppose I would." replied the husband.

"I see," said the wife indignantly." And would you let her wear my old clothes?"

"I suppose, if she wanted to" said the husband.

"Really," said the wife icily. "And would you take down the pictures of me and replace them with pictures of her?"

"Yes. I think that would be the correct thing to do."

"Is that so?" said the wife, leaping to her feet. "And I suppose you'd let her play with my golf clubs, too."

"Of course not, dear," said the husband. "She is left-handed."

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