Friday, July 11, 2008

A Flying Lawnmower

Fishing on South Holston
I went to the lake yesterday with my fishing buddies Doug and Ralph. We only caught 8 trout and brought 6 home. I was the lucky guy as I had the honors of biggest fish of the day. This fish is a Lake Trout and it weighed exactly 4 pounds. It was a beauty. I was smiling.

We fished in the rain almost all day. We were thankful for the Bimini top on the pontoon boat. It saved the day!

The Unbelievable Lawnmower

You can actually buy a kit to build this thing?

There's no limit to where mankind will go with his diverse abilities. But where's the focus?

(Note to my Dad: Dad, don't expect on of these flying lawnmowers as a gift on your 95th birthday on September 2 this year. Okay?)

Quote of the Day
Pleasure is the bait of sin.

Joke of the Day
Bill Clinton was walking along the beach when he stumbled upon a Genie's lamp. He picked it up and rubbed it and lo-and-behold, a Genie appeared. Bill was amazed and asked if he got three wishes.

The Genie said, "Nope...Due to inflation, constant downswing, low wages in third world countries, and fierce global competition, I can only grant you one wish. So...What will it be?"

Bill didn't hesitate. He said, "I want to be remembered for bringing peace to the Middle East, instead of that other stuff with Monica, and Jennifer, and the rest of those women. See this map? I want these countries to stop fighting with each other."

The Genie looked at the map of the Middle East and exclaimed, "Oh me, Fella! These people have been at war for thousands of years. I'm good, but not THAT good. I don't think it can be done. Make another wish."

Bill thought for a minute and said, "You know, people really don't like my wife. Even though she got elected as Senator, they call her a carpetbagger. They think she's mean, ugly, and pushes me around. I wish for her to be the most beautiful woman in the world and I want everybody to like her. That's what I want."

The Genie let out a long sigh and said, "Lemme see that map again."

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