Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remember Waldo?

Find the White Squirrel
Look at the picture below. Can you find the white squirrel? Maybe we should name him Waldo?

This next picture will help.

This white fuzzy tail has been dancing around our back yard the past few days.

One day he tried to join the gray squirrels in this tree nest, but they would not let him inside. IMG_3522
He sulked for a long time on one of the branches. IMG_3526
He (or she) is quite a critter, and hard to spot with the snow on the ground and in the trees, IMG_3531
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
It has been said, “Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.” And how true it is.

Quote of the Day
Many people look forward to the New Year
for a new start on old habits.

~ Unknown

Joke of the Day

The world’s worst conductor was directing up his band during a practice for an upcoming concert. Half way through the first act he was directing with wild abandon when, out of his hand, his baton flew and impaled itself in the eye of a flute player instantly killing her. The police arrive shortly after and ruled the case as an accident.

The following week at practice, he again was caught up in the music of the second act and out of his hand flew the baton, which this time struck a flute player in the eye instantly killing her. The police arrived and after consideration ruled the case an accident.

The following week at practice the conductor again got lost in the moment of the music of the third act and out of his hand flew the baton this time hitting a trumpet player in the eye and killing him instantly.

After the police arrived they could not believe that this was an accident after the third death, and the conductor was arrested.

The conductor was tried and sentenced to death in the electric chair. After strapping him in the chair operator threw the switch, nothing happened. Again he threw the switch and nothing happened. The warden was frustrated by this time and demanded that the chair operator explain what the problem was, to which the chair operator explained, "Well, everyone knows he's a bad conductor.”

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John White said...

Hi Jim,

Enjoyed your blog today...a white squirrel, wow!

Wishing you & Beverly a Happy New Year 2011!


Dar said...

I really had to search the first pic but I found he a true albino with the pink eyes? Can't tell for sure. Very cool to see him. We have white weasels but that is by nature, they really turn white from brown in winter. Did you name him?