Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Week Coming Up

Monday – Sharon and Beverly were planning to start making Christmas Candy--those delicious peanut butter balls. But, there was a snow last night and I expect their plans may be in jeopardy.We’ll have to see what develops.

Here’s the recipe in case you get the urge to start candy making yourself.


I also have a rehab session with my therapist to stretch out my new knee. I wonder if the snow will keep her away.

I have a doctor’s appointment to get those 29 staples removed from my knee.

We also have a dinner in the evening with the friends we worked with when we were living in Mexico.

Three things today: Knee Therapy Session, Our Wednesday night Bible Study Meeting, and someone’s having a birthday. Yep, some old man is having a birthday and he’ll be 72 years old.

Thursday and on…
More home health care therapy, a little Christmas shopping, Zachary has a basketball game, etc. All I know is that we’ll be busy

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
We had a little bit of snow come our way yesterday. It certainly is nice to sit inside a warm house with a fire and watch the snow flakes float to the ground.
There’s something so peaceful in watching it snow. And on the other hand, there’s nothing so nerve racking as trying to drive in a wet slippery snow.

Quote of the Day
Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it.
~Mark Twain

Joke of the Day

A blonde and her husband are lying in bed listening to the next door neighbor's dog. It had been in the backyard barking for hours and hours.

The blonde jumps up out of bed and says,  "I've had enough of this".  She goes downstairs.

The blonde finally comes back up to bed  and her husband says "The dog is still barking, What have you been doing?"

The blonde says, "I put their dog in our backyard, let's see how they like it!

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John White said...

Hi Jim, stay warm and take care of that knee. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Hope you have a great birthday on Wednesday.