Saturday, December 4, 2010

It’s Always Good to Be Home

I’m Happy!
I came from the hospital yesterday after having total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. I feel like things are going good and every thing is on schedule. Last night was not perfect… and that was because I could not get to sleep. Tonight I will take a pain pill and that will take care of the sleeping.

This morning I came into the den with the aid of my walker, and took a seat in the recliner. I started the gas logs. Beverly got the coffee goings and it wasn’t long before I as enjoyed a light breakfast and coffee. Then I read the newspaper.

CPMNext was cleaning up and changing clothes. After that was accomplished Beverly changed the dressing on my wound. Then I got back into the bed for 2 hour CPM session. This devices put you knee into constant motion. CPM stands for Constant Passive Motion. Some people say it should be called the Constant Pain Machine.

It has never causes pain for me. I use it 6 hours in the day time and around 6 hours at night.


A boy had just learned in school the women do not have Adam’s Apples like men. That night he asked his Dad. “Dad, Why don’t women have Adam’s apples?”

His Dad answered, “That’s easy son, “Women talk so much they  turn to apple sauce.”

Well, That’s All Folks…

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John White said...

Hi Jim:

Good to hear you are in good spirits & following a well planned routine to recovery from the surgery. That Constant Motion machine sounds amazing. Sorry about not being able to sleep last night but maybe it will be better tonight. Hang in there, cousin.