Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Cat

Why the Dog Left
That was the subject of the email I received from a friend last week, that included this picture of one big cat. I don’t know the person holding the cat, but I have to say they have a big cat. Wow! Just look at the size of this cat!

WHY the DOG LeftIf you have an interest, go to this site to see some interesting pictures and videos of unusual cats.

Pictures of Cats

Back to the Gym
Yesterday was my first day back to the gym for workouts since before Thanksgiving. That’s when I was diagnosed with blood clots in my left hind leg. Last week the doctor gave me the go ahead to resume my cardio and weight machine workouts. I started slow, and only did 30 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike. Within the next month or so I hope to be back up to an hour. I need to get back in shape for fishing this spring.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The cheapest facelift you can get is from a good laugh.

Quote of the Day
Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.
~Yiddish Proverb

Joke of the Day

A man observed a woman in the grocery store with a three year old girl in her shopping basket. As they passed the cookie section, the child asked for cookies and her mother told her "no."

The little girl immediately began to whine and fuss, and the mother said quietly, "Now Ellen, we just have half of the aisles left to go through; don't be upset. It won't be long."

He passed the Mother again in the candy aisle.
Of course, the little girl began to shout for candy.
When she was told she couldn't have any, she began to cry. The mother said, "There, there, Ellen, don't cry. Only two more aisles to go, and then we'll be checking out."

The man again happened to be behind the pair at the check-out, where the little girl immediately began to clamor for gum and burst into a terrible tantrum upon discovering there would be no gum purchased today.
The mother patiently said, "Ellen, we'll be through this check out stand in five minutes, and then you can go home and have a nice nap."

The man followed them out to the parking lot and stopped the woman to compliment her. "I couldn't help noticing how patient you were with little Ellen..." he said.

The mother broke in, "My little girl's name is Tammy... I'm Ellen." she said.

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Dar said...

nice kitty, kitty...WoW...I'll bet he gets to eat Anything He Wants

Congrats on getting back to the gym...thanks for the motivation...need to do the same with DH...his heart attack was NO fun so Stay Healthy

Have you seen the pic of the record Canadian Northern?...Now, that's a WOW!!!

Thanks for the facelift...

Only one more hour Dar, Only one more hour...


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