Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Rheem Electric Water Heater

It Failed! After 35.5 Years!
IMG_0992It had been in our home since the house was built. We moved into our home in December 1975. That electric water heater had been working faithfully for 35 1/2 years! It heated water for our family when the children were growing up. It’s heated water for all the company and guests we have had though those years, and for our family “get togethers”. The picture above is the logo off the front of that long-lasting water heater.

Now we have a new water heater we bought from Lowes. I sort of miss the old one. It was a good and reliable helper for many years. Thanks Rheem for making a long lasting product!

When Lowes called the other day to see if the water heater had been installed, Beverly told them, “We’re in hot water!”

Is Spanking Against the Law?
Can you believe this article I ran across:

Mom Gets Probation for Spanking
Published : Monday, 20 Jun 2011, 3:52 PM CDTBy Kevin Boie | MYFOXDFW.COM

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - A Texas mom has been sentenced to probation and lost custody of her children for spanking her daughter.

Rosalina Gonzales of Corpus Christi pleaded guilty on Wednesday to Injury to a Child for swatting the 2-year-old on her buttocks.

According to prosecutors, Gonzales in December hit the girl with an open hand, leaving some red marks.

Police arrested Gonzales after the child's grandmother reported the injuries and took the child to a hospital.

Gonzales will serve five years probation, take parenting classes and follow guidelines laid out by Child Protective Services

KZTV10.com reports that the ruling judge in the case made it clear that spanking is a crime.

"You don't spank children today," Judge Jose Longoria is quoted as having said. "In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don't spank children."

Read more on myFOXdfw.com: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/062011-Mom-Gets-Probation-for-Spanking#ixzz1PrICRNKl

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
This was sent to me the other day. I like it:
Old Friends are Gold! New Friends are Diamonds! If you get a Diamond, don't forget the Gold! Because to hold a Diamond, you always need a Base of Gold!

Quote of the Day
Technology... is a queer thing.
It brings you great gifts with one hand,
and it stabs you in the back with the other. 
~C.P. Snow

Joke of the Day

A bar owner locked up his place at 2 AM and went home to sleep. He had been in bed only a few minutes when the phone rang. “What time do you open up in the morning?” he heard an obviously inebriated man inquire.

The owner was so furious, he slammed down the receiver and went back to bed. A few minutes later there was another call and he heard the same voice ask the same question. “Listen, the owner shouted, “there’s no sense in asking me what time I open because I wouldn’t let a person in your condition in—“

“I don’t want to get in,” the caller interjected. “I want to get out.”



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Selene McGraw said...

Wow, thirty-five and a half years is a long time! Yeah, it's pretty understandable to miss something that lasted a long time, providing you with all that much-needed hot water. Well, I hope the new one could last for thirty-six years too! Haha, enjoy the hot water!

Allan Willcox said...

A good water heater can definitely be remembered for its reliability, but your water heater is one of a kind, given the fact that it last for thirty-five and a half years! That water heater was truly special, and I hope that the new water heater would last as long as the last one – if not even more!

Harold Rhoads said...

Woah! Thirty-five years of service is already five times the lifetime of our water heater! Ours died when it was more than 8 years old. It’s understandable to miss something that’s functional and reliable. I hope the new one gives you and the next generation equally efficient service. =)

Harold Rhoads