Friday, June 24, 2011

Did You Know?

Two by Fours
cedar-2x4Did you know that a 2 X 4 is really
1-1/2" by 3-1/2"?

When the boards are first sawed in rough form they are actually 2 X 4s. But whey you go to buy  2 X 4s they have been dried and planed and the size of the board is reduced to the 1.5” by 3.5”. I found the following link for common sizes of lumber and their actual size. You might find it useful someday when you are working on a home improvement project.

Home Projects
Some home projects I don’t mind. Others I despise. I guess we are all that way. I don’t mind changing light bulbs, mowing the yard, sweeping the garage, etc.

But some I utterly despise. These include working on a leaking toilet, replacing a toilet seat, trimming shrubbery, and weed eating.

Maybe I can avoid some of the above this coming weekend. Maybe I can take Kevin and Zachary fishing tomorrow. Zachary has been wanting to go. He told us he’s tired of catching those little fish, he wants to catch some big fish. It may be time to let him graduate from bluegill to lake trout?

Hope you have a great weekend. Hope to see you Monday!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
When faced with decisions,
do the right thing!
The right thing always brings peace.

Quote of the Day
The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.  ~Andrew Brown

Joke of the Day

It's a hot summer day and Jake and Harry are in a ditch digging away. Meanwhile, Ralph is up under the shade of a tree sipping on a cool drink.

Jake asks Harry, "Why are we down here digging in the hot Sun while Ralph is being cool up there?"

Harry says, "I don't know, I'll go ask him". Harry goes up and asks Ralph, "Why are you up here in the shade drinking a cool drink and Jake and I are in the ditch digging in the hot sun?"

Ralph says, "'cause I've got smarts". "What's that? Asks Harry. Ralph puts his hand in front of the tree and says, "Hit my hand as hard as you can".

Harry swings his fist at Ralph’s hand, Ralph moves his hand and Harry hits the tree, hurting his hand.

Ralph, says "I knew to pull my hand away, that’s called having smarts".

Harry goes back in the ditch and Jake asks, "What did he say?"

Ralph says, "Its cause he has smarts."

"What's that? Asks Jake.

Harry puts his hand in front of his face and says. "Hit my hand!"


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