Saturday, March 21, 2009


A Great Flight Attendant
This flight attendant is David Holmes and he wants you to "sit back, relax, and have a good time" on Southwest Airlines. It the most interesting and novel preflight instructions you will ever see.

America By Air
And you may find the following of interest. It’s a great sight for those who are interested in aviation. It has everything from the history of early aviation to the current jet age.

America By Air

Also, you should check out my Dad’s Airplane Flying Days. He recently recorded some of his memories of flying when he was a young man.

Dad’s Airplane Days

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Someone once said that,
“Life is composed of Choice, Chance & Consequences”
…While we can’t control chance we can control our choices which impact the consequences.

Quote of the Day
Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.
~Lorraine Hansberry

Joke of the Day

Bobby was driving down a country lane in his pickup when suddenly a chicken darted into the road in front of him. He slammed on his brakes, but realized that the chicken was speeding off down the road at about 30 miles an hour. Intrigued, he tried to follow the bird with his truck, but he couldn't catch up to the accelerating chicken.

Seeing it turn into a small farm, Bobby followed it. To his astonishment, he realized that the chicken had three legs. Looking around the small farm, he noticed that ALL of the chickens had three legs.

The farmer came out of his house, and Bobby said, "Three-legged chickens? That's astonishing!"

The farmer replied, "Yep. I bred 'em that way because I love drumsticks."

Bobby was curious. "How does a three-legged chicken taste?"

The farmer smiled. "Dunno. Haven't been able to catch one yet."

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