Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Giant Sassafras Tree

We're still enjoying our trip to Kentucky. Today is our last day in Owensboro. Later today we head south a few miles to Madison- ville, Kentucky. There Beverly and I will be enjoying one of our 4-day church conventions.

Yesterday we found a giant Sassafras Tree growing in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky. I could not believe the size of this sassafras tree. I have some growing in my backyard in Tennessee, but they might be 6-8 inches in circumference. This tree is 16 feet in circumference.

It is interesting to note that the sassafras tree has 4 different type of leaves on the same tree. You can see the different leaf types here.

A passerby kindly took a picture of Beverly and in front of this giant tree. It was quite amazing.

Later yesterday we drove across the mighty Ohio River into the state of Indiana. The trip across was over a new bridge, and the return trip was by the older bridge. The new bridge is a few miles east of Owensboro. The older bridge come into the center of Owensboro.


Quote of the Day

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”
~Author unknown

Joke of the Day

Two fish at the bottom of the lake... one says to the other,
"You wouldn't believe the guy I just got away from...
he must have weighed 300 pounds."

~Author unknown (Thanks to Kevin White for sharing with me)

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A passerby kindly took a picture of Beverly and in front of this giant tree.Tree Nursery Co