Saturday, September 29, 2007

Knoxville Convention Gems from Friday

Convention Gems - From Friday
  • The last thing God would do is to give up on us...
    He wants us to be a victor, not a victim.
  • If we get exalted after a victory, that could be worse than failing, because of pride. We win twice if we don't get exalted.
  • We are being pruned, it means God is close to us.
  • Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes he calms His people in the storm.
  • If we choose the excellent things in love, then our choices will be in tune with God.
  • God provides a way of escape for any temptation. It's our job to take that escape.
  • Go pray when you are discouraged. Do not have a pity party for yourself.
  • We need to pray that our choices are God's choices.
  • Our end will depend on our choices. Can we see the destiny in our choices?
  • If we make choices in God's will, He will help us.
  • Sometimes we may want someone or something else to change, but what is needed is a change in our self.
  • No matter what someone does or says to us... it will not hurt us, but how we react to it could destroy us.
  • A true blessing comes only when we submit to the spiritual, second born nature of Christ.
  • Even though Abraham was rich with natural possessions, in his heart he desired spiritual richness.
  • In a natural garden, man cooperates with God's creation to bring forth fruit. Spiritually, we have the same responsibility for bearing the fruit of the Spirit. We have to work the ground, keep the weeds out, remove the stones, etc.
It's Monday, and I finally finished these "gems" from Friday. Now I will work on my convention notes from Saturday and Sunday.

Quotes of the Day
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
~Old Adage

If it might break, don't go near it.
~Herbert Stein

Joke of the Day

I was behind a man at the airline counter who was complaining and demanding certain things from the courteous clerk. In fact he was very ugly, but the clerk was kind and courteous in every way.

Finally, I was next and I told her that I admired her ability to deal with such a stubborn and demanding person. She smiled, and said, "Oh, I took care of him just fine, He's going to Atlanta and his luggage is going to LA".

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gems Jim.
Alan in N.Z.