Thursday, February 23, 2012

Budget Cuts

Do You Have A Budget?
Most of us mortals find it necessary to have a budget so that we can control our spending. That way we know what we can afford to purchase, and what we cannot afford. If we don’t use a practical budget, one may find themselves hopelessly in debt.

It is critical that local, state, and national governments have a budgets and apply it to their spending. Otherwise they may end up with serious overspending and find it necessary to make budget cuts.

It’s entertaining to listen to Chuck Woolery talk about budget cuts. You’ll learn much about foolish spending when you hear about the things that could easily be cut out of the USA National Budget. I think you’ll enjoy this very much.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I been concerned about our National Debt for several years. Several years ago we were in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park driving through beautiful Cades Cove. I looked over to my wife, Beverly, and asked, “I wonder what the Chinese will do with this land when they take it over?”
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Quote of the Day
I look at the NBA as a football game without the helmet.
~Tom Tolbert

Joke of the Day

Two brothers John and Mike went fishing, every time John threw his hook he caught a fish but Mike was very unlucky. By the end of the day John had caught more than twenty fish but Mike had caught nothing.

Next day Mike woke up very early in the morning, dressed in John's clothes and carried John's hook. He went to the river and sat where John was seating yesterday. He threw the hook and waited.

Darkness cleared and the sun rose, after about 4 hours of his waiting a fish popped out and asked him "where is John?"


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