Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street? Bah Humbug.

Somebody’s Crazy
Why would anyone want this country to become a socialist society? Why would anyone say capitalism is bad? It has proven to be the most successful society for a free nation, and has made the USA what it is today.

Here’s something good. I hope you take the time to listen to it…

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I am concerned for our country.
What would our forefathers think if they could see what is happening today?

Quote of the Day
Animals have these advantages over man:  they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills.
~Voltaire, letter to Count Schomberg, 31 August 1769

Joke of the Day

You know the honeymoon is over when the comedians start.

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser.
--Jay Leno

Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.
--David Letterman

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