Saturday, February 26, 2011

Privacy Warning

GPS Issues
The fact that these smart phones have GPS info which is included with any picture you take. If you post that picture on the web (Facebook, Twitter, or a blog) anyone can find out exactly where the picture was taken.

For example, say you are a fisherman and you buy a new bass boat that you are proud of… so you post a picture of it on Facebook. Now some lowlife sees that picture and decides he would like to steal it. He just goes to your house (because the location is stored with the picture) and hooks up your new boat up and pulls off with it. You may have told him on Facebook when you would be leaving home, and this makes it easier for him. Get the idea? Be careful out there!

Watch this video to get more information. And. many thanks to Faye for sending me this warning.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
There’s lots of bad guys out there trying to take advantage of honest people. Be careful. Protect your family. Put safety first in everything you do.

Quote of the Day
It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile,
and one nut to scatter it all over the road.
~Author Unknown
Joke of the Day

One day, a cowboy rode into a Wild, Wild West town. The people in the town love to play jokes on visitors. After tying his horse to the pole outside a bar, the cowboy went in. "A cup of milk please." he said to the bartender.

After drinking, he went out, only to find his horse missing. Knowing that the villagers did it, he went back into the bar and said to everybody," I am going to have another drink and when I finish it, I want to see my horse outside! Or else, I will have to do what I did in Texas - HERE!"

The people were very frightened. When he finished his drink, he went outside and saw his horse. The villagers had put it back. Curious, the bartender asked the cowboy,” What did you do in Texas?"

The Cowboy replied, "Well, I had to walk home.”

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John White said...

Good afternoon, Jim:

Thanks for the interested information on taking pictures with smartphones. That is good to know about.