Monday, February 21, 2011

Budget Cuts

Just How Much is $100 Million
A young man puts things in perspective. Watch this video to see what a $100 Million budget cut means. It will surprise you.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The days are getting longer. The daffodils are up about 2 inches in the back yard. We’ve having some warm days. These are some of nature’s hints that Spring time is not far away. That’s good news.
BUT we’re likely to some a big snow or two, and some really cold weather before Spring. Don’t worry, it is coming and we will enjoy the beauty and warmth of another Spring soon.

Quote of the Day
There is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune:  go there with a large one. 
~Jack Yelton
Joke of the Day

A doctor made it his regular habit to stop off at a bar for a hazelnut daiquiri on his way home. The bartender knew of his habit, and would always have the drink waiting at precisely 5:03 p.m.

One afternoon, as the end of the work day approached, the bartender was dismayed to find that he was out of hazelnut extract. Thinking quickly, he threw together a daiquiri made with hickory nuts and set it on the bar.

The doctor came in at his regular time, took one sip of the drink and exclaimed, "This isn't a hazelnut daiquiri!"

"No, I'm sorry," replied the bartender. "It's a hickory daiquiri, Doc."

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Joann said...

I LOVE that joke!!! LOL!!

WOW!! What an eye-opener on that Obozo spending thing, huh!? Thanks for sharing that.