Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Sister’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Mary!!!


IMG_0592-1Mary, I hope you have a great day of celebration for your birthday. The picture was taken yesterday as Mary was opening a birthday card and gift.

Read the quotes I selected below as a tribute to Mary on her Birthday:

A sister is a little bit of childhood
that can never be lost.
~Marion C. Garretty

Is solace anywhere more comforting than
in the arms of a sister.
~Alice Walker

Brothers and sisters are as close
as hands and feet.
~Vietnamese Proverb

A sister smiles when one tells one's stories -
for she knows where the decoration
has been added.
~Chris Montaigne

A sister is a forever friend.
~Author Unknown

Sweet is the voice of a sister
in the season of sorrow.
~Benjamin Disraeli

Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.
~Author Unknown

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
If you have someone who loves you,
you are rich indeed.

Quote of the Day
One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.  ~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

A guy gets into a taxi after a boozy night out and halfway through the journey wants to stop and buy cigarettes. He taps the driver on the shoulder and suddenly the driver screams, swerves across the road and mounts the sidewalk stopping just short of a brick wall.

All was quiet for a few moments and then the driver turns around and says "Don't EVER tap me on the shoulder whilst I'm driving EVER again".

The guy says, "I'm sorry, I didn't know it would scare you so much"

The driver replies, "It wouldn't normally but this is my first night as a taxi driver and up until yesterday, for twenty five years, I was driving a Hearse.

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John White said...

Enjoyed your blog as usual.... We were on the road on the 5th so didn't see your post on Mary's birthday til now. Please wish her a happy birthday for us